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I can't stand Rogan. Dead fabric, ugly washes, dumb tee-shirts.

Gela Taylor should be shot. I also hate BAPE. If somebody could just kill Juicy, Rogan and Bape, I'd be happy.

Yesterday, my left breast and my right breast were arguing... I looked down at my chest and shouted, "Bitches, get in line, or I'm putting on a bra!"

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nike. supreme. bape. true religion. seven. juicy. louis vuttion. ecko. phat farm. sean john. abercrappy. gap. jcrew. diesel. french connection. surburbun outfitters. fuckit. just gimme some hanes t's and some sweats....

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Well I don't know if I can name 10 brands, but the thing that bugs me the most are art school rejects doing little hot pink doodles on AA tees. That covers A LOT of brands out there, but there is a definite style that most would recognize. Non-descript, 'artisitic' doodles = lazy design.

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sean john, jlo, g unit...basically any cheesey celebrity brands they started just to cash in at the peak of their celebrity hypes. i understand the motives, but they reap what they sow...those cheesified bastards...

"God is Dead" - Neitzsche icon_smile_angry.gif

"Neitzsche is Dead" - God icon_smile_cool.gif

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I have to 2nd that...

Those "spoof" designs are weak. When your whole fucking line is a spoof it really becomes a joke. Add cheezy ass messages or hometown "love/reppin" themes it just gets even worse. It can be pulled off but you really have to come correct. Also that whole "AA art drop out" look is wack too.. I guess t-shirts are more complex when you really look at it. Just stick to name branding if you have no art skills, fonts can get you really far if you know how to use them.

Why do all these kids eat up these spoofs? Are they even moving?

aNYthing is cleaner than 100's (imo) A-ron did it before them. They are both whatever in my book.

FRESHJIVE is king of the tastefull spoof.


Edited by Jack Paar on Jul 6, 2005 at 12:30 PM

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> why do so many people hate on rogan? he single-handedly revived premium denim and design from its inevitable doom in the hands of diesel. plus, i can't think of a designer that makes a better pair of fatigues.


Fuckin' haters....

The T's are lame as hell though.


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I see a mets spoof.. i see and indians spoof, i see NY all day...i see "LA" all day. I really dont care... A-ron has real history in NY and isnt all about the spoof. (so i'll give him that). Hundreds has nothing but a bunch of trendy spoofy dunkheads that "skate" (all i see rocking it)...why buy stussy knockoff when i could buy real stussy. But in the end who gives a fuck....everyones doing it..


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this is the part were he thought i was doing the same shit..trying to take some heat off himself calling me FONEY..because thats my homeboy and we be tag teaming on the dissing!


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Bench - Anyone British knows this one. Every student here owns at least one piece. A fleece with Bench on the collar - you stupid fucks.

FCUK - The re-juvinating brand for French Connection got so so big, and then everyone and their dog realised it was so so shit (apart from poor people).

Diesel - Mostly worn by twats. The type who wear sandals with their jeans. Gay.

Boxfresh - Inexcusable when you're over the age of 18.

Replay - See Diesel

Ted Baker - A shit version of Paul Smith. As worn by lagar fuelled violent fucks who have fallen into a bit of money.

DSquared - The most awful and vile elements of current high street fashion rolled into one label and at a ridiculous price. It's also very very gay.

Firetrap - Looks like Diesel nowadays. Just shit basically.

Seal Kay - Footballer nonsense.

Anything else sold in USC or Urban outfitters.

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