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Uniqlo Vintage Chinos


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good news / bad news:

they finally did a navy vintage chino. however, they've replaced the brass donut button with a crappy plastic button like their normal chinos.


<broken youtube link, wtf>

how do they fit? compared to the original uvcs, or in general, i guess.

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the current season uvc i own seem a little straighter/baggier than the old ones, but the last pair i bought before these was at least 3 or 4 seasons ago.

also they all appear to have plastic buttons now. there were maybe 1-2 pairs left with metal donuts when i went last week.

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Yeah, the most recent version is a far cry from the originals. They've been steadily declining in quality over the years, but the differences were usually subtle and tolerable.

In addition to the plastic buttons as mentioned, the fabric is now considerably thinner and softer. The originals had a nice weight and rigidity to them. They're also a bit baggier, especially from the knee to the leg opening.

For $40, they're not bad, but no where near what they once were.

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And what's the quality like on the current ones? Are both seams still flatfelled?


Any pics of the current crop anyone?

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