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Uniqlo Vintage Chinos


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I recently bought a pair of these and I'm crazy about them, but they didn't have my size in light brown. If there's anyone able to do a proxy for them in a 31x34 I'd happily pay for a pair.

Also, more importantly, does anyone know of a jean which fits exactly like the vintage chino (or the closest fit)?

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somebody post pics of tapered uvc's

how much are they going for in-store

something like 37.99 I think, I dont really remember...

The fit is a whole lot better after a small taper, I wish I would have gotten a shorter length too

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The new chinos from Jil Sander for Uniqlo look rad, men style has some pictures.

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Upcoming Gilt sales: band of outsiders Wednesday

Invitation link: giltgroupe(dot)com/invite/perpetualburns

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I just got these Uniqlo chinos from Japan, labelled as "Vintage Classic Chino DIA CHINO 5500". I read a couple of earlier posts about these exact pants and the questions of whether they are the same as the ones sold in the US - they are.

Here's the measurements of the ones I bought:

Tagged Size: 79cm (unsure of tagged inseam, but were sold as 34")

Waist (unaligned): 15"

Waist (aligned): 15.5"

Inseam: 33"

Thigh: 12.25"

Knee: 9"

Ankle: 8.5"

Front rise: 10.5"

Rear rise: 14"

This seems to agree fairly closely with I<3Bacon's measurements he posted earlier for his 31x34 US-sold chinos.





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ive gone thru about 3 pairs of these ... ( I get stupid when Im drunk ... I tend to end up ripping things lol )

But these are by far my Fav. pants .... my MIJ Diors have taken a back seat since I purchased the khakis and the blk pair .. the only thing I hate is that I got so many compliments that my 3 closest friends purchased them as well

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they told me the only ones they had in stock were some new ones with predistressing :(

not a bad thing, picked up the "classic washed" vintage chinos pair today, love how they're not super thick like the regular ones, need to throw these back in rotation now. distressing is minimal, more like they've been thrown through a wash...

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