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Uniqlo Vintage Chinos


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By request, here are some flicks and info about a pair of pants.

These are the Uniqlo Vintage Chinos and they are better than any pair of nondenim pants you own.

I'll start with obvious: they were $40 and they are certified bombshit. I'm not really crazy about Uniqlo, I mean it's great and all, I wear lots of it, but most of it still seems really disposable - not these, friends. These seem superior to the Supreme chinos and on par with some of the WWII repros and whatnot I've seen.






Donut button. Universal slider.


Pockets and shit are lined with heavy herringbone that feel of-so-nice every time I dip my hands in.





100 cotton%. Fabric is heavy, sort of stiff, and almost textured. Tag said they were sun-dried.

I dunno, they're pants, but they are fucking sweet. Pics of me wearing them will probably surface later. The fit is slimmer than Dickies and other regular fit chinos.

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Yeah, these are this season, they are out now, and I don't think there are any other colors.

The 32 inseam was perfect for me, but probably not for taller dudes, I'm not sure what other lengths there are.

These might be a little heavy when it really starts to get hot, we'll see, but they should be better for skating than my denim when it's 100.

I liked the fit most of all above any other chinos I've tried on - the other details were just icing.

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I saw these a couple days ago and almost picked them up. The problem for me is where the ass and crotch meet there is always weird pulling, which seems to be the case for every pair of Uniqlo pants/jeans I've tried. Anyone else experience this? Maybe my ass isn't fat enough.

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Any measurements for these at the thigh, knee and hem? Also are they only in 32inseam or can you get longer? I'm looking for a pair for summer and those could do the trick.

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Only 31x34 left. or 32x32. Couldnt fit my tall fat ass into them 31's. 32's come up a bit too short.

Other than that, I endorse everything the good doctor says on this one. The detailing is really nice, love the pockets, and the fit is spot on (this is sometimes an issue with Uniqlo.

I want them. But I can't have them.

Fuck it.

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They measure about 21.5cms across, pretty much straight from the knee down.

Damn. That is perfect.

Oh shit...I forgot about that. Good looks Miz. Which is the good one? (Polish Mike?)

Buddy, friend, lover. If you do manage to swing out to another store and could grab a 32 x 32 I would be more than happy to pay for them + extra for drug money. :D

Or if anyone else is making a UNIQLO run for that matter.

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don't know which one is the best uniqlo in new jersey, but i figure which ever one has the right size is the best one. :)

in japan, you never have a problem getting your size. there's a billion uniqlos in tokyo, so if they don't have your size in one store, they call another store and put it on hold for you.

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