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  1. rezz

    arcteryx veilance

    Picked up my first AV pieces in the Mionn and Voronois, and basically lived in them during my recent trip to Japan. The Mionn + a single heattech long sleeve in 40F kept me surprisingly warm. Any recommendations for a second pair of AV pants? Also, if I wear a L in the Mionn, should I do the same with the Isogon?
  2. WTS AV Voronoi Pants - $250 shipped 30x32 - Black - Cotton/Nylon Brand new with tags AV Voronoi Pants - $200 shipped 32x32 - Black - Cotton/Nylon Brand new with tags Many refs on ebay, grailed upon request
  3. rezz


    out of the game for a long time now. i found my old 3a-5ts at my parents house from like...08/09? what the fuck are today's prices?! i recall buying it for ~350 retail at purist in san jose