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Marw the Tebori was a lot less painful in my opinion. I had moments where I didn't even feel it! haha I actually prefer Tebori even though it takes a bit longer the experience is overall much more relaxing for me. I will say that the bruising/swelling the next couple days is a little worse with Tebori though. Considering the difference of a gun vs. having multiple needles stabbed into you for hours it makes sense. haha Very cool experience and my first Tebori tattoo. 


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i mean, theyre tattoos, they all hurt. so far ive felt tattoos on my chest, torso, ribs, whole fronts of my thighs and inner leg (including close to my groin) and most recently the knee. It didn't seem any substantial bit more or less painful that most the rest. the teeth right on the actual kneecap were definitely the most painful out of the whole design. If i had to pick, i'd say the ribs where the tail is placed on my last tattoo some pages back had to hurt the worst, and the belly was maybe the most uncomfortable just because its a bit ticklish and tough trying to sit still. I found myself flexing my abs whenever he was working and relaxing for a second and taking a breath ever time i heard the needle lift. 


all that being said, the knees and elbows do swell up much more than other areas in the few days following. felt like someone whacked me with a bat for a couple days after. 

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How bad does the knee hurt? After I'm done with my lower leg (two weeks), I'll work my way up. And the knees scare the shit out of me.

It wasn't necessarily the knee itself which hurt me, it was around the knee and behind it where I felt it most. None of it feels good though

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Thanks for the replies, guys.


Knee will be next, as both lower legs are now almost finished.




(Other  of the leg is the seahorse / Poseidon and on the right inner leg the tiger lady. So I think she blends perfectly in).


Damn, props. So dope!

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