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what are you eating today?


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where?! (0)

Madison Square Park, overpriced but very hearty…especially the Shack Stack (basically a double double, but a third patty that's a deep-fried thing with cheese and mushrooms inside).

They have daily custard specials, too. BOOM TIME.

C'mon blud.

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^really overpriced, yet delicious "POP burgers" and fries


^pulled pork from somewhere in bk with laughingbuddha


fat kid much?

We definitely need to do lunnch! LOL

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"shack stack"- Two cheeseburgers and a fried portobello filled with melted

muenster and cheddar cheeses topped with lettuce, tomato and Shack sauce.

jeezus christ. sid dont lie.

i really, really don't understand how people willingly eat at white castle.

admittedly i was hungover when i was there, and it was in the depths of bushwick, but fuck it just made me want to vomit all over everything

ive never been sober, but i will say ive been thoroughly satisfied each time

that is definitely college diet.....

wheres the ramen and chicken wings for the balance?

i got knock off ramens in the cabinet, i havent come across any legit chicken wing places though

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