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what are you eating today?


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I desperately want that burger, Mr. Might.

I made butternut squash risotto tonight, and paired it with Stone's 12th anniversary bitter chocolate oatmeal stout...


Risotto has magnificent flavors going on: Squash sauteed in brown sugar and home made butter, fresh sage and thyme, bacon, and shallots sauteed in it's drippings. Finished with Peccorino Romano cheese and parsley, mmmm....

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They actually have a location in Palo Alto as well. It's pretty good, but I have to say there are other places I prefer (most notably Corner Bistro in NYC).

yea tbh the counters not that great... but im just tripped out by the size of the burgers... i made the mistake of ordering the 2/3lbs the first time...

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they are and they are. clearly more the latter than former or they would cease to pop up in this thread. i eat healthy shit too but no one cares about looking at apples and raisin bran. pretty much everything of mine in this thread is fucked-up-food between the hours of 5pm-5am

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Breakfast with friends at The Coffee Shop (Pats) - Waverton, Sydney.

When i first saw this i thought it said The Coffee Club and it really threw me. The Coffee Club is pretty damn gross, and that looks amazing. Had to do a double take. Good stuff.

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