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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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me and FranklinCosgrove

odyn vovk snapback

lee 101j-riders

bb black fleece oxford shirt

apc double belt

acne jeans

mcnairy x s/double shoes

manhattan special espesso soda

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Fixed for you bro. The picture you posted seemed inaccurate.

just cuz i'm not skinny doesn't mean i stretch my pics. if you're gonna call someone out at least do it properly

i don't know how to prove it, but all i did was crop, resize, and add the bar

photobucket doesn't let me upload the 2mb original without resizing it, and i don't have flickr pro, so go fuck yourself

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I don't get it. The picture you posted did a disservice to yourself, as it made your proportions look awkward.

All guy did was make the photo a little more balanced, making your fit look like a fit, and not just clothes thrown on a body, disregarding proportions and aesthetic.

But feelings are feelings I guess.

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