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I had a quick look through (god bless men and their efficient shopping techniques; the downstairs was a mess). Nothing really took my fancy except the long high-collar coat, reminiscent of the CCP high-collar. Unfortunately most of the work shirts had spread collars, which I don't like.

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sigh anyone here can recommend me cheap accommodation around Usyd for like 2-3 weeks ? Transitioning from my old place to new place and there is a gap...fuck up

PS anyone can put up a place for me to stay? lol

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Anyone been the the new hotdog place in Westfield Pitt st? SHIT IS AMAZING.

Also, finally went to madam char char on crown st. Good burgers and fries. Way better than Grill'd for example but I never liked that place.

Not much else happening is Sunny Sydney besides it being cold as fuck.

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yeah! been fuckin cold!

i wanna make a shearling leather something like from Songzio's recent collection.

anyone know if can i buy shearling leather from that leather place in waterloo? might go in there tomorrow

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