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Edinburgh's got a lot going on in the design/advertising/marketing sector. I'm not sure about 'obscure' or 'directional' though.

Navy Blue, 1576, Leith, Newhaven, Family, Navigator are all major players at the moment.

But there are a lot of smaller firms doing well too. I'm not really sure if this is the sort of thing you're after?

Buy Creative Review for who's doing the best creative work at the moment, but you'll find that a lot of it's London based. There's a magazine called The Drum which will give you an insight to what's going on in Scotland.

If there's anything specific I can help you with just ask.

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does anyone know whats going on in Edinburgh? A friend and I are here for the next few months or so, and we are looking for good bars and venues to check out. Any suggestions from anyone who has visited the city or has previously (or currently) lived here? that would be awesome! thanks

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the festival is on soon!

embrace it, its awesome!!

go to the churches, and walk along the moors and learn 'scottish' or learn edinburgh , the accent is crazy

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The festival sort of started last night, bars can open till 3am and clubs till 5am (some bars open at 5am, so you have 24hr drinking if you like). Many of the Festival Fringe shows have already begun, check out http://www.edfringe.com/ for listings and ticket info.

You'll need a lot of money though, Edinburgh is expensive, especially at this time of year.

Any specific questions, just ask.

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Visiting Edinburgh soon, no prizes for guessing what for.

Are there any decent denim shops in edinburgh? or even some clothing shops that anyone might recommend would be great!

Visit Goodstead on Rose Street, you'll find brands such as A.P.C | Edwin | Norse Projects | Wood Wood | Vanishing Elephant and similar, small denim selection though. That's the only shop worth visiting, most of the others are generic shit like Size? and Urban outfitters.

Yes get to ANALOUGE, best selection of magazines and indie-books.

Any other questions, fire away.

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Got to Edinburgh for the festival and just came across a shop called Corniche- stocks Yamamoto, Comme & Nigel Cabourn. Over priced but quality, handpicked selection.

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Anyone know some good, affordable places to eat in Edinburgh? Looking for less-well known or slightly out of the way (but still walking distance from Royal Mile, Princes street etc. - I don't mind a 15-20 minute walk from those areas) places. 

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