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Seuvas No.11 Canvas Coverall

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Seuvas No.11 Canvas Coverall

Bought this thinking it would fit. Too big for me!

Length 77

Shoulder 47.5

Chest 116

Sleeve 65

“COVERALL JACKET in "No.11 canvas". This model is entirely made in chain stitch, then washed after weaving in cotton thread to make puckering. It is the factory wash process that gives the garment a beautiful, aged look, namely its special pleats and colors. In the long term, the fabric becomes softer and the jacket and its owner become one.”

”SEUVAS products are made of Kurashiki canvas, made by TAKEYARI, a manufacturer with nearly 130 years of experience in the production of canvas. The fabric is woven slowly with a rare shuttle loom that gives a beautiful texture to the surface of the fabric. We can appreciate the aging of the canvas over the years.”

“All SEUVAS clothes are adorned with hand-made porcelain buttons called "+botao". They are made from clay ore (Amakusa pottery stone) mined from Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture. This is the historical raw material used to make porcelain Imari and Arita, exported to Europe from the 17th century.”

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