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FS: Gustin Hand Dye Persimmon X Real Indigo 34* Straightclassified

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FS: Gustin Hand Dye Persimmon X Real Indigo 34* Straight

On Gustin's Site
These have easily the most memorable fabric I've ever encountered on a pair of jeans. The only thing regular about the fabric is how irregular it is. Unfortunately though, I didn't heed Gustin's warning to size up 3 sizes and these are a size or two too small for me. I highly recommend reading the description linked above on their website.
Here are the measurements I took. I took waist and thigh measurements in two different ways which you can see in the labels for the corresponding pictures.

Inseam 37
Waist 16.25
Waist across 16.65
FR 10.25
RR 13.25
Thigh 12.25
Thigh 1” down 11.75
Knee 13” down 8.625
Hem 8

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