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I have two pairs of joeys i outgrew and am interested in selling them

if anyone wants to buy

size 30 joey hi standards (black) - pretty worn, washed maybe three times, a lot of life left but color is a bit fades. I think they look better this way but you could have them redyed if you want to. 70 dollars?

size 29 joey black colordrives - like new, wore them maybe 4 or 5 times when i first got them and then got sick of them so i havent worn them in about a year. theyre basically brand new, i think they still have the pick. 130 dollars?

180 shipped for both?

PM me if youre interested, ill make a thread with pictures and measurements if there is interest :)

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the new season is up at www.april77.fr

....im not much of a fan of it, everything from the models to the photography seems super forced.

beards + woods (american brands like corpus) + math and space imagery + oversized shirts (australian brands like CON and material boy) + diagonal geometric cuts (cheap monday's non-jean lines).

it lacks in originality, its just mixing already boring, played out things. sweatpants? i mean seriously more colored sweatpants?

the teddy boy rocker thing was way more creative than this stuff

there better still be joeys...

Agreed. From their last collection, this is one step further towards imitating thrift store stuff, that could have been nice had it really been second-hand, and cost €10.

Why design this stuff when you can go to a flea market and buy the exact same.

The few nice pieces are all for women.

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hi peeps...i have a couple of aprils that i'm selling...

red joey overdrives (worn 2-3 times) 28- $90

thunder grey fight (worn 2-3 times) 28 - $80

munich (worn 5 times) 28 - $75

i have a couple of brand new ones too...(NEVER BEEN USED...need cash that's why i'm selling. ty)

raw pixels 28- $110

johnny overdrives 29- $115

raw rodeos 29 - $110

joey thunder neon 29 - $105

black polka dots 28 - $120

viking silver 29- $135 (good alternative for the dior and raf silvers)

black and grey colordrive 28 $115 each

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Guest umhaha84
i just got a pair of dictator transistors and their slighly looser in the thigh and not quite as tapered.

Cool thx for letting me know,

my local barneys has joey in colordrive and 3~4 dictators in black, grey and something else no raw though,

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