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How long has the webstore wait been now? 4 years? You have to laugh at the updates

16th sept: April77 oh and we also are working on the online store...

Opening: late october/mid november...

23rd sept: E-store products shooting done !

30th sept: Online store - launched in mid November 2010

9th Nov: ok, online store's design is done. Give us 3 weeks and the APRIL77 ONLINE SHOP will rule the web

16th Nov: Pardon our lack of activity on FB these days but we are busy with the upcoming online shop...

6th dec : Dear friends, April77 Online Shop will be launched in a few days...

Today: Like Jehovah's Witnesses, the online store will knock on your door with April77 new summer 11 campaign... Twice the pleasure !

No wonder this company went bust once.

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Jeez, 1 decontrol jacket, the same polos we've seen for years (and were sold for peanuts on ebay a while back.)

Warsaw looks ok, only womens version available though.

Other jeans are meh, all of them you could pretty much get before (some of them even are old stock, look at the butt patches)

Joey drugstore skate > indie jean whatever

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Does anybody have any experience with the martini shirts? That martini chambray looks pretty decent for the price - as far as fitting goes any suggestions if I'm around 5'7 / typically an XS?

That particular shirt will fit like a large 36. Keep in mind April 77 ditched the numerical tagging on some shirts and replaced them with XS-XL. XS would equal a 37...and by general a77 standards a 36 would be a slim 36.

Er yeah so jargon aside it will most probably fit as a large 36

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Is there a April 77 equivalent to Hells Bells "Elvis Hi-Fi" raw jeans? Dictator or Joey?

I have the Elvis Hi-Fi Raw and really like the fit (tapered the ankles a little) and denim plus it has no back pocket rivets like on the april 77 jeans that bother me when i sit down. Only problem is they are impossible to find and I want another pair.

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yeah, i'd like to order a pair of dictator raw but when i go to checkout their shipping charge to the US is ridiculous...

37.14 euros

Remaining amount to be added to your cart in order to obtain free shipping: 25,00 €

that works out to about $49 dollars shipping and when you add more to the cart they still charge the same 37.14 euros for shipping

also, shouldn't there be a VAT discount?

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Anyone else get the impression that they don't have the finances to take risks any more? It's like they're just selling all of their most plain looking, boring basics, most of which have been available forever. Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with the classics, but what made the brand special was the innovation in collections like Death Melody and Martini time..


I'm lucky enough to have been able to seek out pretty much every piece I've wanted from the old collections over the years, but unless there's a sudden change in direction, it seems like the april 77 I used to love is losing what made it cool.

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^ im the same size as u in dior.

i got my hi standard in size 29. i cant rem the hem opening, but its very close to wad u are looking for, if not, slightly smaller.

the joey fits skinnier than the diors though.

thanks! would you recommend i get colordrive black in the same size as high standard, or go with 28? i wouldn't want the knee to measure less than 6.75".

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