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More A77 musings after buying a large helping of their new stuff:

Bought a pair of joey hi-standards in the smallest size that they had (25). Again two sizes larger than label size.

Bought my first pairs of dictators (Prest and overdrive). As mentioned not as tight in the thighs but tighter in the waist. I think i might start buying downsized dictators now rather than joeys.

Maritini Shirt: Very very fitted, probably about 2 sizes smaller than label size.

Hubble zip up hoode: very nice, basic but nice fit with tapered arms.

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Guest umhaha84

^ yeah I emailed sevennewyork about that,

it apparently has more crotch and leg room, with more taper,.,.

not sure If I wanna buy it before trying it on though

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I just bought the april 77 cross transistor jeans and I really like the color and the fit, but I'm wondering if these are actually raw denim? They feel really really light (they're ridiculously comfortable and soft) and they don't seem to bleed at all. So will these fade nicely?

Also do these shrink if you wash them? I sized down 2 to a 28 (which was the smallest I could find), but they still are a little big for me - especially in the waist. I may just have a tailor take in the waist though and hopefully that would fix everything.

btw I didn't see any other info in this thread about this cut so incase anybody is interested here are the BiG measurements on mine.


April 77 - Cross Transistor sz 28

waist: 16.5 (was 16 when I first got them yesterday - they stretched this much already even though the waist is already loose)

rise: 10

back 14.5

thigh: 10.5

knee: 8

leg: 7

inseam: 33.5

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this brand has seriously fallen off the sufu radar

"April 77 Market" has been "coming soon" for many, many, many months now...

i just want the old-style dischords, old patches, and everything...

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This Market fiasco is ridiculous, I swear it was 'definitely going to be done by date x' like 4 or 5 times now. If it had launched earlier this year the increasing interest in the brand would have skyrocketed and it would have been a commercial coup, instead they randomly post mail outs and hardly update anything, if we actually got status reports and stuff it'd be worth the wait. At the moment im sort of just expecting a half arsed market place, with clothes priced exactly the same as elsewhere online or in shops and nothing that is genuinely that brilliant about a shop that has taken, what a Year if not more to open.

If they open up the back catalogue of collections, and are listed at prices more associated with Cheap Mondays (i'm working on the idea of higher quantities produced and purchased therefore lower costs, therefore lower end customer price charged) or similar I'd be overjoyed, this alas seems like a distant dream.

Shame, missed opportunity imho.

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Fashion Night Out: Oak + April 77 this Thursday on Bond

Rip up, sand down, patch or stud! For Fashion′s Night Out, on September 10th, April77 Records is pairing up with Oak and throwing one shopping event you are not going to want to miss. Shoppers will be able to purchase denim flown in from Paris just for the occasion and customize them to fit their individual style. Sand them down until they are well worn in, rip them up or choose from a variety of punk rock studs and patches to create denim a one of a kind denim piece that reflects you. The best part; all of the April77 Records denim jeans will go for a special super discounted cost of $77. So come in, have a drink, listen to some good music and create a unique pair of April77 Records custom denim.

Thursday, Sept 10th


28 Bond Street



$77 for jeans

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yo does anyone know where i can cop a pair of really light blue aprils in 29? cant find it for the fuck of me


thought this was a cool find of a rarer pair of pants they make too if anyones interested

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