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supergram: superfuture x instagram guest curators

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superfuture is letting some special guests take the wheel of our instagram account



in july:


week 1 - mister freedom | @christopheloiron | www.misterfreedom.com


week 2 - mister mort | @mistermort | mistermort.com


week 3 - 10engines | @10engines | 10engines.blogspot.com


week 4 - jesse moynihan | @jmoyns | jessemoynihan.com


week 5 - samuel de goede | @cottonduck | samueldegoede.com


let me know in this thread (or pm or email me: [email protected]) for suggestions for future curators, or if you'd like to get involved



your friend,



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i emailed you, sir

why i just lookd @ his tumblr/flik and wasn't very impressed.


at least u got cottonduck.  dismal not bad, but i figure i won't really see much i haven't already seen from his fb.


yo get 


homme x2

or ronnel.  seriously  they'd get alot of views.  good for biz, no?


i'll do it if u upgrade my account 2 superseller.  

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