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Best laptop


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Not lenovo for sure though their warranties top others usually but really nothing mainstream retail is ever at all best,



 Clevo a previous poster said and I have to agree, or Sager units

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the best laptop is one that lets you remote into your real computer (a desktop) and basically acts as a dumb terminal.


picked up a chromebook earlier this week, really liking it so far. for the price it's pretty damn amazing to be honest... $159 for 2gb ram and 16gb ssd




stock it's a perfectly functional machine running solely on ChromeOS, you can remote into your desktop via chrome remote desktop no problem. but i basically picked it up to tinker with and have been bouncing between linux desktop environments via crouton in the last 24 hours trying to figure out what i like best. unity doesn't seem as snappy as xfce, but xfce kinda sucks anyway (previously used cinnamon a lot c/o linux mint, but there is no cinnamon/mint crouton option currently) also been having some struggles getting my VPN to work, but i'll figure that out eventually [hopefully]


currently running this script to hopefully get a good elementary os install (awesome, just finished looks good so far) -- https://github.com/AldousP/MyDearWatson


anyway though, back to your original point -- if you have a decent desktop you use for all the heavy lifting, it seems like chromebooks are an awesome additional device to pick up. less than $200 for pretty good performance and insane battery life, a pretty sweet deal. you can get a fully functional os on there with very little effort




edit: here's a good crouton walkthrough fwiw https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JWLvbn4cy-LmQ-K3JeWMD-2yvT08V3lyMhrFilMClP8/pub


original github - https://github.com/dnschneid/crouton

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I have a black macbook from 2007 running flawlessly and a macbook pro I got two years ago and they are both running like new. I have friends that own pc laptops and theres always some shit that goes wrong with them so I'd have to say macbooks are the best.

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