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  1. swapnakarna

    yes or no? / this or that?

    Goahead !! Yes
  2. swapnakarna

    Sufu cell phone buying guide. What's really good?

    What do you think about mobile phones? Its really necessary for everyone?
  3. swapnakarna

    Best laptop

    What's your opinion about the best laptop?
  4. swapnakarna

    what are you reading today?

    I'm reading magazine today . In that magazine is especially for the man of the year 2012. In that i saw virat kohli is the man of the year 2012 in cricket. This is the time to congrats him.
  5. swapnakarna

    vacation advice superthread

    Switzerland is the nice place to go for vacation.
  6. swapnakarna

    goa :: kerala :: sri-lanka :: general

    In my point of view, kerala is the good place to visit. I went to cochin last year. There so nice climate and full of natural sceneries. wow ! i can't explain it by just simple words. have a nice journey !!
  7. swapnakarna

    usa :: san francisco :: general

    Me too have a same question?
  8. swapnakarna

    The Android Cell Phone Thread

    Yes ! you can unlock your gs2 (Samsung galaxy 2) from an australian service by using unlock code. Nowadays, many of the unlocking providers found online to render code . To unlock your gs2 from an australian service visit the site Theunlockspot.com . Here, they ask you to provide your network provider to get the unlock code from them. After unlocking it, you can use your gs2 with US sim for internet,calls etc.
  9. swapnakarna

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Awesome !!! thanks for it.
  10. swapnakarna

    what are you eating today?

    wow !! what a yummie food varieties shared by you all. Iam eating yipee noodles now.