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who cares that much if it's stock img or not tho. unless people post a fit son it makes no difference..

edit; i guess i do see your point though.. there is a surprising lack of actual pics now that i go look at the threakd

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Man, I have gained so much weight over the past couple months. FUCK

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beerpong is fun.

if getting shitfaced and wasted on some alcohol or drugs is fun, w/e

but just saying, beerpong is fun. or you guys doing it wrong and playing with a bunch of boring ass people.

played with a bunch of boring ass people before, and i'll admit the game was fucking lame.

games that incorporate alcohol played among open minded people are fun, in general


we talking about having fun right?

chasing tail + alcohol is fair game. beerpong makes it all the merrier

and for the dudes who be playing beerpong w/ lady friends or getting the party started and making BP the gathering place for females, you doing it right fistbump.gif

girls love a good old competitive bp match and excess alcohol consumption

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no you are right, i am doing it wrong, as i never play, so i guess i cant do it wrong, i just dont do it...

but when i see people play it, its on the floor half the time, and to me, thats about as gross as it gets.

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Yeah, fuck beer pong. I'd hate it when I was at a party, dj'ing on my MacBook, and suddenly a bunch of bros pull a table out of nowhere and clear the dance floor and start yelling and playing beer pong and annoy everyone

ya man shit sucks i always try to clear the tables out of areas i play. definitely hard with all the shitty kids that come out to party

the only drinking games that are really worth playing are quarters and flipcup cause shit gets rowdy and a ton of people can play at once. beerpongs fucking weak, rules of the game dictate you drink after you get closer to losing

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never encountered such things^

but the place i frequented had the backyard/2 car garage cleared for bp specifically

music was hooked up to speakers via ipod and everything was gravy.

all the kags had fun redface.gif

i'll agree 110% about the cleanliness of the game.

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I think people swagger jackin avatars is lame as hell... Why yall want to copy Clopek, who has had that avatar since forever.

It was funny when faptronic did it to hap, but thats just cause hap rocks so hard its funny to not always play nice with him.

People need to stop the fake copy cat names, the copy cat avatars, and post like you post, stop hiding behind other peoples steez, all it says is you got none and are waiting to kop those new Yeezy's.

Bitch ass concept.

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