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Samurai Jeans 5th Year Anniversary Feeler Thread

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Hi guys and fellow denim loves.

The wonderful MaxPower and me had a lot of talk about Samurai Jeans and a possible contest. What started as a little idea about a 1 on 1 duell ended in the big idea of having a major contest!

Inspired by the first Sufu contest ever, we see this contest as a homage to the infamous Samurai Denim Contest which coincidentally started nearly 5 years ago.

As a little reminder, the old contest thread and result thread:

Contest Thread

Result Thread


Some may ask why we took the same jeans. Well, let me name some reason:

1. As an homage, we wanted to have the same model

2. As the denim has slightly changed over the years (from my observation) it would be great if we can really see a difference

3. The S0500 cut is very versatile and can be worn slim, straight and oversized

4. As we all are "experts" now when it comes to Japanese denim, can we do better than the folks 5 years ago ;)

5. ...

and so on and so on and so on...just name some more :)

Start date


Price and Prizes

Price: 24,990 Yen incl. hemming, shipping & contest tees!

Prizes: Yes we have prizes ;)


As the S0500XX is a standard model and our timetable (as it is now) is rather tight, there aren't any major customization planned. But we will try to get some goodies or such.


- We want the good, old "soaking-with-newspaper-and-tags-attached"-pics

- Monthly updates at least to stay in the contest

- No alterations except hemming

- Judging has still to be decided (sponsor or open poll or both)

So...do YOU want a pair of jeans that could look like this?!


(adsurgo #1)

or this


(horriblyjollyjinx #2)

or this


(cheep #3)

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The possible contestants so far.

1. beautiful_FrEaK - 34 M

2. MaxPower - 34 M

3. swiss-jeansfreak - 32 M

4. .API. - 31 M

5. obbigood - 32 M

6. kayodic - 27 S

7. Clochard - 32 M

8. scasi - 31 L

9. hollowsleather - 32 M

10. TheNorthern - 31 M

11. ron2331 - 31 L

12. aho - 31 S

13. iratsu - 29 S

14. gnob - 29 M

15. Rotbart - 35

16. corporalclegg - 31 XL

17. arcarsenal - 33 M

18. louisbosco - 29 S

19. seanpsk - 33 M

20. satya - 31

21. BlueOctoberFan - 33 M

22. ruprecht - 34 M

23. lilfatsupra - 31 M

24. moykky - 31 XL

25. joelz - 34 L

26. Bokkepoot - 30 M

27. straightxedge - 32 M

28. rockon99 - 35 L

29. FOXY - 32 S

30. hopesgone - 34 M

Back-Up List

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Damn guys, great contest and I wish that I could participate. Unfortunately I'm already committed on 2 pairs of Sams, and my next denim is already lined up.....I'll be paying close attention though, these jeans are awesome.

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I am very honoured, that this idea gets some interest. thanks a lot to all people who showed their interest so far and most of all thanks to beautiful_freak for his support.

I think the S0500 has one of the most interesting denims out there and the cut is really versatile and also suitable for people who like a modern look. And I am glad that many of our friends or forumbuddies may be on board, this will make it special to us.

I will keep you informed regarding the participants.

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Count me out.

I can't presently afford any expensive jeans at my insultingly bad salary, and as someone who neither does carpentry nor repairs motorcycles in his jeans, as a pure desk person, I wouldn't stand a chance anyhow.

My already way too many, way too little worn jeans also are a killer argument against wearing yet another pair of dry denim for a whole year.


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Will be in depending on price/cut. Sams are most definitely on the list for next jeans.

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I don't even want to wait now! But, O think it would be best if these were to start closer to 2012 just for the sake of the people in the S500 and RxC contest.

But that should give us more time to figure out whats what and this way and hopefully everyone will get t o receive their jeans on time so we can start by then.

Edit: Btw, these are some slubby ass denim, no?

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I feel you on that haha, the cut is relatively slim and it would be nice to have a slimmer cut for a competition (for me at least) so I am already stoked about this.

As far as price, I am in no matter what (discount or none), I mean hell even $50 off to me is a good deal.

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If it started in 2012, the whole 5th anniversary idea would be a little moot, wouldn't it? I'd like to participate too, but moving the contest is not an option, I think. Besides, in regard to the other ongoing contests, it'd be a little boring if it had the same contestants as these imo... But whatever, this is exciting, no matter how it'll go!

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50$ off would be huge to be true and I don't think that is manageable...but we will see. remember, the S500JX didn't have any real discount and you bought it ;)

@abstraktgeformt: you are most definately right! but those RxC guys proved that they are able to keep a contest alive with posting regualr updates of their jeans and their lives.

@all: for questions, just PM me or MaxPower

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abstraktgeformt- Well, not in 2012, just closer so instead of october like November or December. As for the people in the other contests they are pretty intersting people I gotta say, their updated in the RxC thread do show that they aren't just boring people. But then again it is for people who wanted to join and it was I think a limited # of people who could join.

But I am sure we can have as many people in this contest and it is far from limited as this is one of Samurais regular models.

b_F- you are right, I am willing to buy these even if we don't get a discount. Also before I forget, do you have any idea who is going to be our sponsor? Or is that a secret?

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Hi all, great to see this thread evolve! I just called b_f and we discussed the extras like prizes etc. Nothing is confirmed yet, but it looks like we get a good deal and interesting unique stuff.

So far, the sponsor has to stay secret, sorry.

I would prefer a longer period -18 months- so we can use the start date 31.10. and still keep the chances for the Roy contestants.

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I like the idea of an 18 months contest! It's something new and unique. Good move Flo :)

We still have some time to decide on more rules and reasons why it is good to do this contest ;)

Yes, we prefer to keep the sponsor a secret as for now, before not everything is confirmed.

We are aiming for 30 contestants so far. Maybe we will go bigger but that also adds to the chance we get some guys who just want a cheaper and special pair but don't like to update.

So known me,bers are very welcome but also new members who want to join this community :)

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laxlife: then I probably misunderstood you, we are on the same page here. I think it needs to happen in 2011, that's all, any other delays are okay with me. I'd be dope tho, if it started on Oct. 31st.

And as for interestingness, sure, they are some great and interesting people in these other contests, but I'd be refreshing to see other people who have proven themselves to update regularly (in other forums), like Kayodic or 501Cult. The more the merrier, but I don't think the start date should be postponed to include people from other, overlapping contests.

This is just my opinion and, again, any which way this'll go is fine with me.

Max: I think a 18-24 month contest would be far more interesting! I just had a look at a Full Count Contest pair over at mynudies and felt that the evo looked even more interesting after 2 years. It would take a lot more commitment on the participants side tho... not sure if everbody agrees here.

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I am aware that many of us wear more than one pair at a time (not just because of different contests), but of course, some dedication to this contest is required. But 18 months should give everybody enough time, to wear these beauties in and maybe give his/her other models some love.

And Yes, if anybody has some radical new ideas for this contest, please let us know. So far, we thought that the old newspaper & soaking ritual on the first day is not overused yet.

A meet-up is something I would love to try.

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yeah that's the problem. 24 months is a lot of commitment. who has seen your ALDs know that you can do it easily but for other (me included) it's hard :)

It will definately take place in 2011. October 31th or December 31th at the latest ;)

@Max. The old newspaper + new jeans is a must! otherwise you will be disqualified :P

we are also working on something to proof that the pair you all are wearing is the contest pair and not some pair of S0500XX you already own and faded

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