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ORDAD - a techninja father

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This thread is dedicated to everyone's favorite Pyramid head Mod and Dad, Ordo.

Since Ordo is in fact, a dad, i wondered what having a techninja as a Dad would be like. This inspired me to make ORDAD. A thread worthy of the Ordo label. ORDAD is not your typical Dad. He raises his son to be the ultimate techninja. When your shitty son gets his first Mac at age 18. ORDAD has already taught his son to use Linux at age 2. When you're a child of ORDAD, your bones have been replaced with carbon fiber and your arteries have been lined in GORE-TEX.

Everyone can participate. Here is the template.

I'll start.





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This is amaze,congrats again on baby boy! They're super fun...not saying girls aren't--but a mini ordo is just what the world needs

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