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i'll post up pictures of the selvage later today.. and also... how important is it to have veggie indigo?... i just talked to my mill and they were willing to do it for me.. but, just wanted to know what the demand would be like. . . . .

booty clap contest anyone?.......

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If i were to make my jeans in plant based indigo, I wouldn't charge 800 for it like nudie...it'd probably be at around the 300 dollar range. yeah - veggie indigo does sharply increase my cost, but we are committed to offering one of the best value products in the industry and are willing to take the hit on our end if its something people care for.

At the end of the day though - we want to move units of a high quality product to happy customers and spread the word about ecological sustainability and fair trade practices. . .

But not only that, we are also trying make a difference in the world by donating profits back to the world community.. . . .

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Neuman - I apologize in advance for the length of this, but to answer your question about our brand identity, we are based on the biblical story of David. When David was a young shepherd boy he went up against the seemingly insurmountable giant Goliath and, armed with only a sling and five smooth stones, was able to defeat him. Many brands are hollow when it comes to defining their identity, however we have gone through great lengths to ensure ours is one that resonates throughout our brand.

For starters, we feel that we are David's in the fashion industry - based in Seattle, Washington and started without any real fashion designers on staff, we are trying to tackle our very own Goliath that is the fashion industry. Instead of destroying the industry, however, we hope to only destroy what it is today and see it resurrected as an intelligent industry concerned with social and ecological issues facing the people of our time. Also, we hope that we are proof that choosing to be sustainable does not mean giving up being fashionable.

Secondly, our customers are David's in their own rights - people who will say that the seemingly insurmountable problems of this world are something they are willing to come against by being intelligent consumers and purchasing ecologically sustainable products that are not constructed at the expense of underpaid and abused men and women but rather by fairly paid artisans. Also, they are joining with Sling & Stones in targeting specific worldwide needs - as we are giving back a large percentage of our profits this season to building an orphanage in India (our gold thread and hardware is made by the artisans of India, a country of many orphans), immunizing villagers in Peru (our pima cottons are hand picked by the poorest demographic in Peru, Peruvian Natives in the Andes), and reaching out to the hurting people of Japan (Japan has the second highest rate of suicide in the world, double the rate of the U.S. with only half the population).

Thirdly, you will find this identity incorporated throughout our product:

Our brand mark, an ampersand, is actually visually constructed from a sling.

Our rivets and buttons are gold plated - telling of the riches of the kingdom David went on to rule over

Our graphic prints on our knits which we have not yet revealed are all derived from the story of David.

As you can see, we have gone through great lengths to think through every detail of our denim, from the branding, to the denim choice, to the construction.

Though this was a concern of mine, I do hope that people do not look at a excellent, intelligently designed product that is being offered at what we believe is a strong value and is aiming to be socially and ecologically conscious while making a difference in the world and disregard it because it was branded using a historical identity derived from the bible. I do not think this is why you asked, but I have run into that in the past. One of the reasons why our tentative look book (the website) was extremely focused on Brand identity is because we wanted to show our potential buyers and consumers that we are not blindly choosing a famous story from the bible to capitalize on it, but rather that we were educated in every aspect of our decisions.

Anyway sorry for the little rant again. But to answer your first question..

What is your setup like? Do you do everything yourself? How long have you been making them for? Tell me everything.

I have a studio in Lake City in seattle and have a team of 3 designers to pattern draft, cut, and sew prototypes. From their I take the prototypes to California to get them digitized, graded, and marked. Then I get them professionally sewn and washed. We started about 8 months ago, 5 of those months was purely dedicated to demographic, cotton, denim, fabrics, washing, product, and production research. (i graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree, and learning all this was definitely harder than engineering itself)

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little homework and lots of partying in engineering ... get a bunch of nerds together with beer and they will figure out the most ingenius way to cheat. . :)

but most definitely S&S jeans is not for everyone. . .

as for the patterns, this would be up to superfuture.. what cut you would like the best, in what type of fabric (selvage or non), in what color (dark blue, dark black, light white.... maybe even 'thirty day visit red'... jp).. maybe a new thread should be started on SuperFuture DIY Denims.

booty clap contest anyone?.......

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