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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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i could just be rly slow but i can't fucking add pics to my gallery...i choose the files and then, i can't upload?

also, the search function works on my iPhone but not on macbook. hmmmmm

ALSO, i rly do love vicodin sometimes.

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kinda thought it'd never happen to us...but my store got broken into yesterday morning :(


got a call from our alarm company early in the morning, hustled over to see what had happened...


basic smash and grab job...but they got my main iMac, which has our POS...of which I never backed up on a separate hard drive, so I lost everything. All my sales history, all my customer data...and all my inventory data. 2 days before Black Friday. Fuck. FUCK (this was in caps for effect). Got some cash deposits, emptied the cash drawer, an iPad, a few stacks of denim...still counting inventory and seeing what else is missing. Super bummed. Got the glass fixed within a couple hours, and hustled to the Apple store to get a new comp. Buddy hooked it up and swooped an even better comp for the same price. Luckily we're insured, so should be able to come out ok. Just been at work 20 hours / day the last 2 doing a complete inventory count, and rebuilding each item code line by line...like 1500 unique items. Doubtful I'll get to do thanksgiving tomorrow, but it's looking like we'll survive the weekend. Super stoked to have a great staff that worked super hard to get us back up and running, feel really fortunate...otherwise I'd be completely fucked.

We were the 7th business the cops had been to that morning with the same issue. If I find this motherfucker I'm gonna scalp him, no doubt.

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i keep having this recurring dream where i find a pair of washed LVC jeans on my bedroom floor

but i actually don't own a pair

perhaps i should make this a reality

or not

buy mine 4 cheap

and shit man that sucks about your store :(

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