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Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

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I've been really wanting to try Five Guys, and I know we have one in Point Loma but thats like a 20 minute drive in annoying roads and i'm too lazy to go there. Is it worth it though?

Fuck it I might just go today.

if you can get into the base (32nd), there's a five guys in the newly renovated food court. beats going all the way to pt loma.


nvm just realized you live in mira mesa :(

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i had two burgers from burger's priest's the other day.

the Jarge style was in'n'out style, cooked in baseball mustard with fried onions and sauce. fucking awesome. barely managed to get through the cheeseburger topped with deep fried jalapenos afterwards.

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Stuffed up with some kind of sinus infection I carried across two continents.

It's gorgeous outside, just finished re-tuning the car, and I'm stuck inside drowning in oranges, antibiotics and sleep.

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i'm trying to figure out who this scottish(?) comedian i saw yesterday on comedy central

only way i can describe him is that his body structure and voice is nearly identical to chef gordon ramsay, and he has dark hair.

any help?

does the site of comedy central have a schedule of previous shows?

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