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    Quick shot after wash. 50s slim
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    1001XX before and after a wash; both in full sun. Blew out the crotch scooting around on my ass while pulling up carpet and staples. I was able to sew that up well enough. Then the knee wore through when working in the yard. Will need to attend to that before it grows too much. IMG_1411 by least weasel, on Flickr IMG_1412 by least weasel, on Flickr IMG_1434 by least weasel, on Flickr IMG_1437 by least weasel, on Flickr
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    One of the few ways to enjoy denim in the summer: loose and cropped (faded would be a nice touch)
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    Fades update on my One Yofukuten OA02-1017. Duration: 1 year and a half. Actual wear, around 9 months or more. 2 hand washes 8 machine washes (first with warehouse's detergent and lately with Superstitch laundry detergent which is quite aggressive and lighten them up). As with all my denim, the yoke's stitching got destroyed rather quickly. Repaired the whole with hand backstitch with waxed yellow linen thread that are also fading with washes. How awesome! I'm still in love. The contrasts are less important in person. Photos taken under the noon sun!
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    Enjoying summer vibes, went out riding and having lunch out in the forest. Sierra Designs / Nobrandedon tees / TCB / Sagara Picture of unagi kabayaki cooked by friend, with some 'local twist'.
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    The Thing shirt, Kapital bag, Ande Whall jeans, Birkenstocks
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    I have finally sent the full list with all the order info to Tcb. Thank goodness.
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    It's been a while since the last time having my eye one on this topic. The 25th Anniversary Jeans is super awesome Pairing up my 700xx with Converse.
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    Vest: Rocky Mountain Featherbed Denim jacket : Visvim Pants: Boncoura Boots: Oak Street Bootmakers
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    @beautiful_FrEaK one of the best fits i've seen on you MF Campus Stallion Merz B Schwanen Pure Blue Japan x Okayama denim Novesta
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    tcb cat light shirt tcb 50s seiko 5 chucks
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    SF should be having cool weather but summertime is back again. Papa Nui chambray hat globe specs Flat Head Indigo linen shirt sleeve Stevenson carmel john lofgren
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    Rmc A3 Cap Nigel Cabourn Reversible Coat MF Ranch Blouse Warehouse 700c John Lofgren Engineers
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    @dandysansosie Love this fit and the colors are lovely. Well done ! I still need to layer for those cold morning in Switzerland! Vest: Rocky Mountain Featherbed Shirt: Visvim Pants: Visvim Boots: Visvim
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    Clinch 11" engineers in horsebutt on the CN last. A little over three years old. And as new. IMG_1429 by least weasel, on Flickr IMG_1431 by least weasel, on Flickr IMG_8956 by least weasel, on Flickr
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    Rmc A3 Cap MF Map Shirt MF Ranch Blouse Warehouse 700C Red Wings 8881’s
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    Bought a few pieces off yahoo auctions , used zen and they were great , took a little while but what can you expect with the world the way it is Got another colour in the lock hood sweat ( have the navy ) , this grey one is a little different though .... apart from the obvious Nice contrasting overlock stitching on the hood The ribbing is super soft Really liked the other freedom sleeve sweats I got from warehouse so this was a no brainer when I seen the felt lettering Havent got a flannel and it may be a nice change from my usual sweat/chambray getup..... the wife wont even recognize me Nothing special but it's nice and heavy for the colder weather
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    Armor Lux / Denime / Tricker's / Master-Piece
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    Some of us, weighted unequally by a single camo pocket bag, will walk in circles, forever unable to correct their course...
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    In an effort to get the thread back on track, here's an update on my JL Devil's Causeway boots. Haven't worn them lately, just too hot. Might treat them with something before next Fall, or might just keep wearing them. Not sure yet.
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    Here's a different patch design I've never seen from Warehouse. On their new 1946 25th anniversary jeans in collaboration with Junky Style. I'd prefer it without the stamp personally. That green lettering is great.
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    I started blowing a hole in the back pocket of my tenders and thought I’d document the repair process using the technique I shared last week! im getting rid of my smartphone in a few days, which is the cause of all my pocket blowouts, so hopefully this will be the last time this is necessary. Hole in the bottom of the left pocket there - I’ve had to repair pretty much all the stitching in this area over the past few months as you might be able to tell. Here’s the pocket after unpicking the stitching! The lining has stayed pretty well intact. I love seeing the original colour of the denim in these sorts of spots. The original ecru thread (on left) picked up quite a bit of indigo dye over the years so I chose a 100% cotton thread that sort of matched the colour. My camera sucks but it looks close enough to me lol Stitching over the hole - down following the twill, two stitches down the warp, then back up the twill and repeat! This is a super easy technique because you just line up the machine foot with each line in the fabric and try to sew as straight as possible. I’m not very good at sewing perfectly straight lines but it helps a lot to have these as a guide. After going over the hole I went over everything again, moving one warp thread over so the pattern overlaps. This is from my single needle chain stitch machine which has a bit of a faulty tensioner, hence the loose stitches at the end of each line. Doesn’t look too good, but so far I haven’t had one break on me! And here’s everything closed up and sewn back together. Like I said before, if you match the colour of the fabric (ideally with an indigo dyed thread) this repair can be pretty well invisible. I hope this is helpful to you all - it’s about the easiest machine repair I’ve ever done and always gives nice strong results!
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    A small family portrait of the Denime jeans I decided to keep And today, the 10th anniversary jeans. Decided to wash them to shrink them down some more. Now comfortably wearing them without a belt and less inseam (trying to look like @Flash with the glasses)
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    Not on a par with Arthur’s cabin build and 00’s souped up shed, but the father-in-law and I stretched our flat pack skills to the limit putting up this bad boy. Timed to perfection just as outdoor play areas opened in England this week Super rep point to the first of you that spotted the hidden octopus!
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    ^And here is the double tab of that pair.