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    Business meeting attire 9 usd taobao jacket Bii free ocbd Bob dong n31 jeans Sanders tassel loafers
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    More peasant repairs. Zorro style I am back wearing these as much as i can for the final stretch. I hope the mediterranean heat and frequent washes will make the difference in the home stretch.... BTW I am really digging the 20s look without a belt and cinched to the max. Something i never thought about in the last months. Im also delighted to have discovered that yours truly is aknowledged as a "style icon" on a chinese denim forum. I would have preferred to be described as a "style genius" but I can live with that too...
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    Humpty Dumpty Taobao hat / Mascots / Orslow 6005 / Bpcall OG 107 / Vansh
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    Sugar Cane Type II. Bought in one-wash, worn around 70 times, washed once. seems like a slow fader
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    Still 100% rigid, factory hems intact, hell yeah I'm on a roll
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    Come on dwc2! Denim bridge comp interest thread soon has more post! Anyways, not been wearing the TCB60’s for a while. Here’s how they are as of today.
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    Flathead Godspeed samurai wesco x standard and strange
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    just washed my no.2 denim after two months of wearing
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    Some more information on the new Warehouse denim taken from a few staff blog posts. Please excuse the google translate “Since the newly developed denim is more than 14 oz, many people may be familiar with the 14.5 oz fabric familiar with the Lot 800XX etc. However, it is not that the feeling of Zara is strong so far and personally with the Lot 1001 XX etc. I feel that the familiar 13.5 ounces of dough are tightly packed. I think that the color is clearly darker than the 13.5 ounce fabric, but it seems that since the core of the thread is still clearly white, sharp color loss can be expected.” ”And attention is the analysis of wartime Vinteji-Denim, and it is a new 14 oz strength new denim fabric woven with yarn of vertical 6.7 × horizontal 6.6.” “By performing the refining process before the rope dyeing in normal temperature water instead of the general high temperature, the "white-white yarn" in which white clearly appears in the center of the yarn is faithful to the 40's Vinte di denim vertical yarn. I reproduce it. By increasing the concentration of the indigo dye, the contrast with the white part of the yarn comes out clearly, and you can expect a sharp decoloration like Vinte-Ji Denim in the 40's.”
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    Fit pics after a warm wash and a short trip in the dryer.
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    Dinner out. TCB vest MF shirt CSF RW
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    Just received both of my Atlas shirts, these are really top notch. The salt and pepper chambray feels heavy duty. I'm happy with the fit, although I might give them a warm wash to see if I can get a tiny bit of shrinkage. Will get some fit pics when I get around to it. Thanks @Iron Horse, looking forward to more releases in the future.
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    I really like orSlow's stuff. @Broark the fabric they use for the shirt is the same as the one they use for the Fatigue Pants? With the warmer weather I see myself wearing the Cargo pants more often
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    Haha all too trye @schmallo15 We'll probably go down that route. Btw, today is the last day to preorder, so don't sleep on it if you're still on the fence. Can't wait to get this started!
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    Gave these a wash. #1 Tiger Selvedge, lot 2000, bought from @Flash Super-grainy denim, knobby denim, somehow. Really interesting.
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    @volvo240thebest There is opportunity in your China Stardom. If you joined, you would have about a bajillion followers/friends in the first week. Thats money. Your life could be spent traveling to search out the perfect photoshoots for your denim collection. Soon your unique signature sewing repairs will be mass produced in Chinese factories.
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    Tilley PBJ The Strike Gold Iron Ranger
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    Still waiting patiently to be used - probably on my Warehouse 415 cinchbacks.
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    Got a reply from Kuniyoshi-san that he will be able to sign the pocketbags.
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    OrSlow. Lady White. Stevenson Overall Co. Viberg.
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    Picked up this OrSlow military shirt from Independence while in Chicago. Honestly surprised that I took a 4 in this, always imagined I'd be a 5 in OrSlow shirts and jackets. At the time it was out of necessity as it was cooler than I'm used to, but in reality it's a shirt that I've wanted for a long time. Excuse the dog photobombing the shots.
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    Just for comparison. my summer rotation at the moment. From up to down: Evisu Lot 2000 #1 Tiger Selvedge, SDA 102 yellow overdyed "mystery jeans", SDA 202 Lost the patch on the 202 'cause I threw them in a 90°C wash after I got them on ebay.
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    Another cool SC button from an archived photo. What buttons do some of your SC have? My Okinawa is pretty boring.
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    Noticed Corlection still has stock of FC1110xx with arcs and tab.....in my size. Couldn't resist. My current pair have only just had the first wash and have a couple years left in them so these will be tucked away for future wear..... and you can ooh and aaah at my fabulous arcs, tab and levis lawsuit flouting design
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    J67 arrived! Fit doesn’t seem to match the measurements on the site—it’s right in line with the J69. Fits like a lightweight, weatherproof hoodie. I’m a big fan of the material. Apologies that the hair is obscuring the hood.