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Top 10 Blogs + Websites: What are yours?

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*1* DESIGNBOT http://www.designbot.blogspot.com - Blog about design, by a nice guy up in Canada who seems to spot everything relating to design. Content updates daily.

*2* DAILY CANDY http://www.dailycandy.com - *The* source in America to find to locate hip spots, fun shops, and miscellaneous what-nots in US major cities. Covers London, too. Content updates once a day, in the morning.

*3* GKFA http://www.gkfa.com - Hip online magazine for women, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia with readers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Explores fashion trends, health, celeb gossip, sex, decorating, etc.

*4* OH JOY! http://www.ohjoy.blogs.com - Blog about fashion and design, written by an experience graphic designer, based in Philadelphia, PA. Such a pretty blog, the writer has heart. Content updates daily.

*5* DESIGNERS LIBRARY http://www.designerslibrary.typepad.com - New blog about fashion and design, based in CA. Well-written, interesting, great girl behind it all. Check it out!

*6* APARTMENT THERAPY http://www.apartmenttherapy.com - Co-founded by an Interior Designer. Great site for apartment dwellers living in urban areas, geared towards the NY and LA audience. Soon to expand to Chicago. Fun site for all! Content updates throughout the day.

*7* DOMINO MAGAZINE http://www.dominomag.com - Home decorating magazine, published in America, targeting mostly urban apartment dwellers. Terrific decorating tips, trend spotting, excellent layout, and lots of things you'll want to purchase with details as to where you can find them. New issue released monthly.

*8* TREEHUGGER http://www.treehugger.com - Great site for eco-friendly design that is really cool vs. those crunchy granola sites out there. This guy has a real eye for spotting the best in green design - it's just great all around. Content updates daily.

*9* MICHELLE CAPLAN http://www.michellecaplan.com - I just have to mention this site because she is a great friend and I love her stunning collage art, of which I own 3 of, including a piece I had commissioned.

*10* and of course, SUPERFUTURE, which simply put, rocks!

*p.s.* DECOR8 http://www.decor8.blogspot.com - My blog. :)

Edited by decor8 on Mar 21, 2006 at 06:35 AM

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superfuture, newstoday, hypebeast, kotaku, defamer, nitrolicious, slamxhype, computerlove

silentflute maybe once a week

fallen off the list: the brilliance (what happened?!)

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"Me: (cutting her off) "Hey, remember that time when you came back to my place after we had just met and you gave me a blowjob? How fun was that?""




"Getting Ninged + Getting Flocked"


" I dropped the f-bomb once too, so it’s rated R"


"You will look like a lesbian gladiator in those but please feel free to wear them when I'm not around"


"Here's some good investment advise you won't find in any book: steer clear of assclowns."

+ heaps of other stuff

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HOW have none of you listed those sites and not listed cool hunting??








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check my sig

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Sites I view regularly:

Google (does that count?)

Revision 3 (for diggnation, trs, and co-op)









BBC News

Wine Library Tv (Gary Vaynerchuk kills me though I rarely drink wine)

... and now Superfuture

Also, my blog www.delimitedaddiction.com (see sig)

Honorable mention

Great Depression Cooking (could watch this everyday, Clara cracks me up)

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CT WDYTD Shoe Thread


SUFU Denim Evo Thread

And Google reader because I have about 250 blogs i watch for interesting shit.

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