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Is it common practice to play one word every hour to 24 hours? Apparently it's an accepted norm amongst my friends, and thus I don't even bother playing.

Also, it's annoying and completely obvious when someone uses Scrabble word generators.

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ke1, I've definitely had a bunch of games with only a move or two a day. It doesn't bother me. I can take awhile at times.

I have like 10 sufu games going on right now. It's hurting my kill/death ratio man.

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lol. what is it 2-0 and a glitch resignation? :P you need to get a better word gen.

im gonna take a break for a few days.. has been doing my head in.

I abide by the highest level of scrabble ethics, and I probably wouldn't be losing so damn much if I was cheating.. anyway, I look forward to a rematch once your head heals and I promise to only use words that we're both familiar with so as to avoid any suspicion.

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