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Words With Friends


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Anyone else play this?

it's an iphone Scrabble game. You can play it live if you're both paying attention or take turns over however long you want.

I'm on 10 killstreak (bout to get that chopper gunner) after beating ROYALE and branespload yesterday.

I'm majorwaves on there. come at me bro.

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wait what you and timber have almost the same score with the same amount of letters left

wait what i though i was playing diamonds

wait what timber dropped two 70point words on me already


okay maybe I suck and set you guys up

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i've beaten people with the score you have now, and there are 30 letters left

timber you might be the best words with friends player ever

:o I always start out SO WELL and then get cocky and lose in the last half of the game. Every time.

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