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Nutella Appreciation


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i gotta have it

in exactly one month i'll be in NY and the first thing i'll do is cop nutellaz

it's in frankfurt and it's getting very average revues. doesn't seem to be all that good sadly :(

(i have't forgotten about our little exchange!)

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Nutella. That hazelnutty, chocolatey goodness that goes so well with everythinggg! :D post your creations and nutella flavored goods here!

personally... cannot go wrong with nutella + bananas + peanut butta



That reminds me of the bananna & nutella crepe I had when visiting Madison recently. Crazy good. Home made whipped cream and shit.

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euro nutella (from memory) just has more cocoa solids, no? australian stuff is the same as the UK.

you people outside of the eu need to get it out of your head that the eu is a homogenous area. each nation/country has it's own distinct flavours

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someone say banana+nutella crepe? scoop of vanilla ice cream on deck :)


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