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I got an EMS package from FORWARD insanely fast. ordered friday night at 6pm and received it this morning at 8am. crazy. it's basically the same thing but I've found EMS always one or two days quicker.

Quick, time for WAYWT with that RAF!

Just looked at the DD prices on FORWARD, I made a WTF face.

Thanks lovelysteve and Tyro1, just copped DRKSHDW grosgrains. Size 29 but with 15.5" waist - so different from the ones Ivans got!

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I had to cop a pair of the drkshdw black waxed denim after handling Arj's @ the meet up (yours originally Adam). They feel sooooo good.

Anyways - If anyone sees a pair of tall back zip Guidi with low heel in size 41 (horse/calf leather) please pleaseeee PM me. I'll be copping as soon as my DBSS sells. Can someone here buy? I'll do a deal!

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drkshdw jeans are crazy, they feel so dirty and grimy. interesting texture but don't really like the feel of them personally, ditto for _7 waxed jeans (and that crazy waxed coat I had, felt almost sticky...).

can't believe those boots haven't sold yet mel, dbss footwear is so nice. you email marco at pnp regarding the guidis? he didn't reply after I asked about marking down the parcel, ah well I don't think my feet are narrow enough for guidis anyway...

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tell me about it man.. thought they would sell quickly. had quite a few ppl interested but no one has pulled the trigger yet. recession? :(

I thought I'll email Marco when I'm 100% ready hey. Pretty sure Josh is interested to order in a pair too so we might do it together. I'll just ask him about marking down the parcel before I order... im even tempted to email Lift etage to see if their Guidi would ever go on sale. But even if they are on 50% off they would still be more expensive then eu retail lolz. pretty keen on the pair I tried on though. LAST RESORT.

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must be, the strong AUD to the USD doesn't help our sales either...

haha, I don't think lift would have to put them on sale. even when japanese stores do mark down end of season stock it's usually only 30% off, still a lot more than EU retail. besides, etage didn't have the backzips in 42 did they? when I was there they only had the buffalo leather sidezips in our size, size 42 backzips were sold out. boutique w did have calf leather backzips in 42, apparently they're navy but I didn't find out till after I got back to aus and checked the website lulz.

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nice one arj, about time someone did this. icon14.gif

sup bt :P

Yo mang miss your head.

We have to get this Australian community cranking eh

I like the new thread. Any interest in starting a map?

Yeah i think we should really get it organized.

Yeah I know, lucky you got your money back on those, did you?

Already plonked the cash for the Augustas? Which ones? :D

He got some really. really. really nice shoe(s).

Really. Really. Jealous.

Hoping to order a few Augusta Bags as well. Waiting on info now.

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