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This was something discussed at the recent Sydney and Melbourne SUFU meetups and since the Melbourne and Sydney threads now share many posters not from those locations I feel a consolidated Australia Thread would be best to talk about the same things. I feel that this way more posters (lurkers?) from other parts of Australia who share the same common interests will actively take part and share their knowledge.

Thanks everyone,

Arj (TTT)

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flat out still. :o I only have the one exam this semester but got so much other work. I've got a formal report for my science project due at the end of the week, which my supervisor expects to be up to the same standard as something to be published for the journal of physical chemistry. also got the final presentation for my 3 semester engineering project in under 3 weeks, a project in which my team has done sweet fuck all so far....

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Hello folks,

Just got back from Europe and busy planning for my next trip to Asia with some mates. Haha thanks for the mention D ;), but yeah Canberra is a hole and the shopping here is terrible. However, there some good places to eat that I can mention and a pretty sweet nature park.

LOL if INCU were to open a store in Canberra it prob be out of business in 1 month. Everyone low balls and the people that are willing to spend extra are lads that buy G-star and Ed Hardy.

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Didn't the paddington store closed down recently? Still wish they would hire better SAs... I feel so awkward everytime I go in.

Isn't that because they're opening a Topshop in it's place instead?

Also yeah their SAs make me want to self-harm.

Edit: Getting something shipped from the USA, anyone with experience can tell me the difference between First Class and Priority? The only thing I've gotten from the USA so far came in an express mail box so I dunno.

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