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K-pop Appreciation

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^^that brings up another question, what's up with kbeezys and fried chicken? is it their main dietary intake? because that's all i hear/see


in hello baby ep2 the dad oppa orders them chicken after he leaves and the 9 of them rip that shit apart with the quickness

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LOL is that that "GOONBAE!" thing they always sing??

dude KFC (korean fried chicken) that I had in irvine was freakin goooodafkjgahgalsgjds

is that Fany at :31ish? reminds me of k-beezy today

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"Today at Chocolate the fanboy who danced on stage called to Seohyun's mom "JangMoNim! JangMoNim!". People were laughing and Taeyeon smirked and said "JangMoNim.. Yeah right.. JangMoNim you wish ^^". He's now envied in Korea for being teased by Taeyeon, a rare thing" LOL

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haha i just came back from noraebang. i sang the gee gee part, while my korean friends sang the rest.

and honestly...this should be called the snsd appreciation thread or something...the only people who are ever talked about here are those girls....not that its a bad thing.

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this performance is pretty awkward, TOP fucks up nearly all his lines and just says "OH OH OH" over mithra.. epik bang doesn't work

g-dragon holds his own with tablo though & dj tukutz coming out for the breakdown dance is awesome

edit: wait big bang was rockin white drop crotches in 2007.. shiiiit
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Which female group members have the sexiest leg line?

Which member from the girlgroups So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1, KARA and 4Minute has the sexiest/best leg line?

To start with So Nyeo Shi Dae member SooYoung and Yuri are the 2 members who have caught many’s attention with their beautiful legs while the group is currently performing the song ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ since the concept for their stage is marine look and the members are all in sexy hot pants and show off their leg lines.

And for 2NE1 who debuted as ‘female Big Bang’ and brought us many great hits like ‘Lollipop’, ‘Fire’ and ‘I Don’t Care’, the member who has the most feminine image even with the hiphop outfits Park Bom is spotted with her beautiful leg like in sporty dresses and feminine hairstyle.

And in KARA, Goo Hara is the member who stands out with one of the best leg line especially with her height. And that is why she is often seen in one piece or hot pants when promoting with the group.

Lastly out of group 4Minute, ex-WonderGirl member HyunA, the member who is in charge of the pose of the group, is known for showing her individuality in her outfits. She pulls of the leggings for their candy punk concept well, setting a new fashion trend.

On the news site, the poll results currently are:


1. SoShi Yuri

2. 2NE1 Park Bom

3. SoShi SooYoung

4. 4Minute HyunA

5. KARA Goo Hara

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is she still around? basically one of the most innovative and talented kpop stars ever.

damn...havent been up on kpop in forever...basically, last time i was into kpop groups were still 5 members at most...cant believe there are groups with like 9 and 10 people and shit how the fuck do they each get their piece?!??

oh yea and epik high was still recoverin from the curbin scam thing reppin movement...now they on game shows and singing with pop stars, cant hate the hustle though.

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