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cupcakes galoreeeeeeeeeee


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^ its definitely one of my favorites. she uses yellow cake for the bun, cut in half, and then squeezed a chocolate sliced one in the middle to act as a bun and then yellow and red icing for mustard and ketchup + lemon juice to graze the top so the sesame seeds will stick. <3


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heh. dabestspoona, you are always w/the next levelness



calzone cupcakes

pepperoni, tomato sauce, basil and italian cheeses inside pizza dough covered with a ricotta cream cheese garlic frosting and black olives and tomatoes

hmmmmmmm only heard of it, never tried it :(

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First time in cupcake fred...classic...love the ones that look like something else, specially the burger and brains.

There is a new cupcake shop just down the road, I go past everyday and there is a courtyard thing out front...but I am too lame to go in because I have never, ever seen one dude sitting there chowin' down on a cupcake. On the other hand could be a good place to chat up birds.

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bogan spotted gayly licking icing off cupcake

Itwazzzzint me shaggy.

I will go and report back...only if they have burger look-a-likes or cookie monster.

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