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cupcakes galoreeeeeeeeeee


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sorry, had to post this before i forget it

whitney is like sticky sticky sweet

and im sure that suze can drop a funky beat

tgs got that je ne sais quoi allure

jjs got that guap for sure

sufu girls reign supreme

no i dont mean supleme

reign down so hard

all the boys are awed

and im julzkind, i got that booty

stare too hard and swear u go looney

cant touch this, yeah like hammer

corny ass rhymes get me put in the slammer

lolol im going back to sleep

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actually he is doing it right if i am not mistaken, is this not a TASTY FAKE? a cake or sweet made to look like something else? this was on the simpsons like three years ago, yall sleepin.

or i am the jerk for thinking that hes actually posting for cereal.

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how could i forget samsikle she got mad steez

so much so, she bring ppl to their knees

damn, my bad

now im rly sad

forgive me plz

ilu ty cheese.

srsly, lol <3 sam

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neptunecitylocals heres a shout out

now u know wat sufu girls are about

sweetness, smokin, steez, guap, allure

but a rhyme for isabelle whom i adore

so here it is folks i dunno what im doing

gta finish packing so i can start chewing....gum?

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i wish we had one of those fancy schmancy designer cupcake places near me. this thread just isn't fair

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whitney, if you ever make it out to NY, make sure you stop by


its like the best of both worlds

This place rules.

I made these:


Vegan s'mores cupcakes in ice cream cones!

Yeah I know, shitty cell phone picture, but whatever.

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oh man oh man oh man we have this really good place right down the street. Kickass Cupcakes. Derrrriciousssss. They've got a mojito one that's just amazing.


Damnit whit, I'm going to have to go tomorrow. You're making me fat. I'm going to grow out of my jawnz and it's all your fault!

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The wife and I went to the cupcake spot in town the other day...


Each got one, plus a to go for the baby.


He enjoyed it.




He's developed this thing with getting his hands messy, so he just leans over his plate and keeps his hands to the side...

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