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5 things you wanna change about yourself


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– in 2 weeks be applied to medical school

– in 1 month be able to surf 6 foot + lefts with ease

– in 1.25 months be ready for my MCATs

– in 1 month buy a Subaru WRX 09

– in 1 month be working in Chicago / working abroad

w/o time limits

work on meditation

start doing yoga more frequently

start investing more

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1. productivity is biggest problem and basically relates to all other problems in my life

2. keeping fit

3. the amount of time i spend alone

4. my inability to keep the same job (i get bored so fucking easily doing part-time work while i study)

5. my amazing ability to hemorrhage cash, more specifically my inability to not get hammered, and not spend so much, if i'm out..

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ever heard something about cutting a hole in your mattress,

and before bed each nnight, fill a sandwich baggy with honey and

zip-tie that thing to your pathetic stump. gravity just does its thing then bam,

you got a really sweet dick

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