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Stealing for the wiki


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I'm of the opinion that it would be good to have some sort of link or credits back to the person who's jeans they are (and the one taking the pics if those are not the same).

Simply because for some people this goes beyond "just having fun" and chances are that if you totally disconnect the pictures from actually being owned by someone they will be even easier to be snatched for use in "the industry"...

My 2cnts

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two things:

1) Ask anyone whose photos that you can attribute ownership to, "a) Can I post your photos on the wiki? B) can I host them myself" and tell them "I will give you credit and mention on the page that these images are your copyright"

2) If you have images that you want to put up there but you dont know whose they are, then post them and include in any image a boilerplate disclaimer along the lines of "copyright holder unknown - if these images belong to you, please contact such and such and we will remove them"

Although there's a strong argument that anyone who posts un-watermarked images on SUFU has immediately lost control of them; people could save copies locally or host themselves somewhere. Not suggesting this is a good idea, but just putting it out there.

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