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25 fun factz


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I absolutely lack the ability to be serious, I think everything is funny and I laugh at things that aren’t funny in the most inappropriate times

I seriously believe nas is the most overrated rapper in the history of music, for every dope song that he has i can name 3 terrible ones, and don’t get me started on nastradamous

I almost never sulk and/or worry and most people find it annoying, they think i’m living to nonchalant a lifestyle when in actuality, sulking or worrying never solved a problem in the history of man

I have absolutely no desire to be rich, if you handed me 1 billion dollars on monday, I’d have given away 997.5 million by friday

The club, I hate it, the end

I think anyone who goes to college for the education is a fool, make what you will of that

I do random long division on paper or in my head for no reason other than i really, really, really enjoy it.

I’ve drawn tattoos for at about 7 of my friends but I have little to no desire to get one of my own

I have 3 brothers and we still play video games together like it’s 1992 and it is always more fun than the last time

I own well over 50 pairs of shoes, I only wear about 5 of em

I have never owned an alarm clock and I likely never will

I fuckin LOVE Bloc Party

If I could put into words how much I hate U2 the eloquence of my distaste would rival Shakespeare

I still drop everything I’m doing to watch Tom & Jerry when it’s on

I hate speaking on the phone more than anything in the world, last month I used a total of 16 anytime minutes, about 14 too many

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I read through most of all of these. I tried to quote good / interesting things but then realized there were just too many.


1. I have older half siblings but am mostly an only child.

2. I've never done any kind of drug, unless you count accidentally taking adderrall once in high school.

3. I didn't have sex til I was married.

4. I got my first job when I was 13 and a half at a book/health food store.

5. I am a Seventh Day Adventist Christian. 99% of people confuse it for Judaism,LDS, and a plethora of other religions. I had a boss ask if it was a cult once.

6. I've only been actually drunk once.

7. Two beers and I'm drunk.

8. I started a zine with my friends called LIME. We did 3 issues, and then I got tired of it.

9. The first time I made out with a girl was 5th grade.

10. I am afraid of clowns.

11. I went to a boarding school my Freshman,Junior, and Senior years of High School.

12. My Senior year my friends and I snuck out of the dorm. None of us had a car, we forgot to grab our wallets, didn't have phones to call anyone. So basically we snuck out just to sneak out. We decided to piss on the door to the school. As I am finishing up taking my piss, my buddies yell 'HOLY SHIT, here comes the dean.' Fortunately my dean didn't see/smell the piss on the door and all we got was a stern lecture.

13. I have to sleep on the right side of the bed/bed room.

14. I suck at video games. I have never beaten a single one. Not Mario Bros, nothing. Never beat a single video game.

15. I was the only kid in my neighborhood who couldn't skate. Some kids tried to teach me how to ollie but I was a hopeless case.

16. I can't dive. I worked at a summer camp for 5 years. Each year the head life guard thought they'd be able to teach me but I still have no idea how to dive.

17. I used to be addicted to caffeine. I'd drink 2-3 energy drinks a day, in addition to 4-6 shots of espresso, and all sorts of pop.

18. Up until a year or so ago I couldn't eat avocado.

19. I've never owned a car that I completely paid for myself.

20. I've never paid more than $500 in rent.

21. I have no real sense of rhythm and can't dance.

22.When I was 8 maybe 9 I was almost stabbed once by these wanna-be gangsters who didn't like me (a white kid) walking in their neighborhood. As a result I was incredibly racist towards black people until I was like 17.

23. I only dated like 5 girls before I got married.

24. I was 22 when I got married.

25. I want a station wagon pretty damn bad.

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1. I don't have a middle name. My last name is my mother and fathers last names hyphenated.

2. I was named after Ian Mackaye from Minor Threat.

3. I will forever only have one piercing, and that is my septum.

4. I dropped out of college, and am not going to any others.

5. I have a terrible habit of wanting to be anywhere else then where I am.

6. I smoke almost 2 packs of cigarettes every day, don't do any drugs, and only very rarely drink, and when I do, it's always rum.

7. I love Harry Potter more than most people can love anything, and have multiple Harry Potter tattoos.

8. I have never been outside the united states and this saddens me to no end.

9. If I could live in the deep fall all the time I would never be upset about anything.

10. I have very few pleasures in life, especially when it comes to food.

11. I hate more music than most people have ever heard.

12. I don't play or make music anymore, but I play guitar, banjo, piano, and cello.

13. I hate going to shows but can't ever stop myself.

14. I dreamt as a child of studying English at Oxford.

15. I have 4 younger brothers and a younger sister.

16. I pay for cable only to watch curb your enthusiasm and entourage.

17. I do not get in natural water at all.

18. If I could only eat hot wings and bacon cheeseburgers for the rest of my life I wouldn't be mad.

19. I cant think of 6 more interesting things to write about myself.

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dunno if i could name 25

1) i share a name with the leader of the X-Men (Charles Xavier)

2) that's actually just a huge coincidence (my parents are farrr too foreign to have an idea what x-men is)

3) I'm an accountant and i love it (yes, i'm that much of a geek)

4) i'm ok with being geeky

5) i'm not a fan of NYC, nor do i see the appeal in it

6) Actually, I generally never want to vacation to a similar city. I have a habit of comparing other cities to mine ("its just a bigger Toronto", or vice versa)

7) when i vacation, i want it to be a different experience

8) i love alcohol, but i don't like getting drunk.

9) i spent most of my high school / university days as DD, by choice

10 ) i enjoy fine wine, beer, gin, whiskey, cognac, and basically anything with a percentage, except for vodka

11) fast food disgusts me

12) i love cooking

13) generally speaking, 98% of the time i'd rather eat at home (including going home and making myself a meal) instead of eating out

14) when i do eat at a restaurant, i tend to be picky and splurge (dat silver spoon mentality)

15) I hate video games. Stopped playing them when my brothers bought N64

16) I used to be a HUGE music geek (i have over 2000 cds), but then suddenly one day i stopped paying attention.

17) when I started paying attention again, i hated everything that was coming out

18) i don't shut up

19) i started smoking when i was 11. i quit when i was 20

20) i quit by giving it up for Lent

21) i am a devout Catholic

22) i'm studying for my GMAT

23) I actually miss school. I enjoy it. (see #4)

24) I haven't been to the gym in 3 months

25) i'm probably as strong as the average 9th grader

who knew.....25

(roughly) One year later......

22 changed - I wrote my GMAT. i did decent.

23 changed - I'm now a student (finishing my MBA)

24 changed - it's been about 2 months now (i went back for a brief period

the rest is the same

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1: in 2007 I was in a bad car accident that involved me rear-ending a big 4wd at high speed and cushioning said impact with my face on the steering wheel. consequently, I have a relatively bad(ass) scar that runs from the top of my lip up through my right cheek.

2: I listen to music in one of two extreme ways. I can go for hours at a time only listening to between 5 seconds and a minute of every song that comes on if I'm playing something on shuffle. either that or I fiend on a particular song or artist and play them over and over for hours/days/weeks and then suddenly get totally sick of them.

3: I spent 6 months studying in paris plus most of the rest of the year travelling around europe and it was definitely the best time of my life. ran pretty low on funds and did some stupid but interesting stuff - hitch hiking, living on the street, etc

4: I have all sorts of guilty pleasures when it comes to music. fall out boy, rihanna, etc etc

5: I'm getting married in about 9 months.

6: I love rockclimbing. it's far-and-away my favourite activity, other than all the typical (sex, eatin' burgs etc)

7: I'm semi terrified by how much I procrastinate and how lazy I can be.

8: I worry sometimes that I'm an asshole. interrupting people, being insensitive, not listening or seeming to ignore people or be distracted are all things that I do accidentally and worry about. I just pick up on every time I do it and kinda cringe inside. I still do it.

9: I am ferociously messy.

10: I have a definite thing for red heads and black chicks. also exotic girls. most of my exes have been either cwg's (hs) or mixed, but I've never been with either a redhead or a black girl - which I guess is the root of my attraction to them

11: sometimes, often just before I get into bed, I'll remember something that happened during the day, or imagine something that could happen commonly, and then extrapolate that event to some horrific accident or crash, usually involving serious injury to myself and or others.

12: I have no idea where I want to go with my life. considering labouring for a while. I enjoy the physical work.

13: I'm not a big fan of human laziness, consumerism and our insensitivity to the plight of others. I'm also a huge hypocrite.

14: my rents are getting divorced. being in law school, they often come to me for legal advice. shit is major awkward.

15: I play both drums and bass guitar, both pretty shittily.

16: I speak french and english, learning mandarin and russian, keen to learn hokkien, cantonese, spanish, arabic, pashto, urdu, malay, hindi, farsi, punjabi... I figure maybe five languages is a reasonable goal.

17: like so many people now a days, I have the Worst sleeping habits.

18: I can get by almost indefinitely on 3ish hours of sleep a night. it's a pretty awful experience though.

19: as soon as I get into a style and buy some new stuff, I decide I don't really like it after all and rarely wear it.

20: I do have a pretty wide selection of styles/items now though...

21: I own too many items of clothing and wear too few of them.

22: I love video games, but I usually get destroyed at them. completely unreasonable scoreline concept.

23: I have a nickname for my fiance with a certain amount of deep meaning to it. I've told her I'll tell her what it means and how I came up with it when we get married. she thinks it's very romantic. easy to please.

24: my spoken english is getting progressively worse and worse. however, I still write quite well and am able to sound completely pretentious if needed.

25: the scar actually runs through my left cheek. silly me.

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