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google earth

beat maker

i am still pretty much un wowed by any app i have found, but, whatever, its all good. i love the phone itself, or unit, or device, whatever.

sk8 game does look fly though...

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Loopt - lets me see where my friends with iphones are located and vice versa

Pageonce - lets me check bank and credit card accounts as well as bills


To Do

CheckPlease - helps to calculate tips and split checks at restaurants

Dictionaire - free dictionary

i.TV - shows what's on tv

all of these are free apps

yo where do i find loopt at?

is it a 3rd party application?

and you gotta get confirmation from the person who you wanna creep before you can creep ya?

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things - easily best task manager. syncs fine with things desktop on the mac (which is also great)

remote - awesome. 'nuff said

twitterrific - i don't know how many of you twitter, but this is the best app. even my friend who worked for tapulous (he designed the twinkle interface) agrees

facebook - the new version is great

iflix - useful, ui is okay (its too candy and amateurish for my tastes)

sketches - good for small stuff

beejive - good app, but i wish i didnt pay 17 bucks for it

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Anaconda- The game "snake"

Cube Runner- Good Game

Google Earth

Mini piano

Big Oven- 160,000 recipes

Sportstap- Scores and Updates

Sportstaculer- Some live feed with scores






-All great Wii like games


Iheartradio-some radio stations


Ebay Mobile

Flash light

ESPN Camera man- Find the differences in 2 pics

dBeer- Just like iPint



Obama 08


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yo where do i find loopt at?

is it a 3rd party application?

and you gotta get confirmation from the person who you wanna creep before you can creep ya?

it's a native app. you need to add them as a friend, using their phone number, and it only updates location when you open the app. it won't automatically update your location without your knowledge.

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weird, i cant find loopt.

closes thing that comes up when i search for it is looptek.

I got pageonce thanks to someone on here who mentioned it.

Seems like a very good idea for a program but...

- does it only show you what emails you have in your inbox? ... I havent been able to click on then and actually go to the email to read it. Seems sorta dumb!

(this is with hotmail. btw)

- its saying i'm putting in the wrong TD Canada Trust user number or password... I've tried maybe 10 times and i know it hasnt been wrong everysingle time. I even checked it by going to it on my actual computer and still doesnt work.

Some new apps I've got.

- Trapster: native, lets you know where red-light cameras, speed traps, and police radar detectors are setup around you

- 40ozPour1out: native, when i feel like pourin out for fallen homies

- Categories: 3rd party, lets me put desktop icons into folders as not to clutter the screen.

Also, is there such thing as a program that lets you change the number and layout (spacing) of the icons on your desktop?

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haha it actually looks just like my mac, i have the same folders/background on this user in OSX

which winterboard theme is that?

you are using "categories," right?

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ummm. as far as Winterboard i have No Icon Labels, Monochrome, User Wallpaper, Dim Wallpaper, Black Navigation Bars, and a Macbook Keyboard, the icons are in that Mac Icons Pack for Categories which can be found in Cydia, and i just resized/imported the OSX Aurora Wallpaper from my computer, hope that makes sense, have any of ya'll tried the GBA or PSX emulators? i have the BIOS files for them but the folders i need to put them into aren't showing up in mobile/Applications, all i have are a bunch of folders with random letters/numbers, i'm thinking Categories may have fucked with that?

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another program i almost forgot about cause it doesnt show up on the screen.


Like Quicksilver.

Press the homescreen and it allows you to search for any program, contact, text message, etc etc. then launch it right from there.

(cant remember if this is native or 3rd party)

Just downloading Intelliscreen now.

Looks rad.

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I didn't start liking my iPhone until recently. Even though its a pain in the ass to text..I still love it...even though the battery life sucks..and it seems bulky as fuck with the silicone case on it..but I still love it..and the headphones break easily...and it scratches if you dont use the case...but I still love it..even though I have a 2g and wish I had the 3g I still love it...even though on the 2g you can't use certain headphones..but I still love it. EVEN THOUGH YOU CANT EVEN SENT PICTURE MESSAGES...or RECIEVE...but I still love it.

Here's my Winterboard, its currently on the Ubuntu theme.


My app list I use on a daily basis:

Winterboard- Something you get when you jailbreak your phone. It's basically a theme manager for your iPhone.

Tetris - Self-Explanatory

Cycorder - A Video Recorder...good for drunken moments.

Dactyl - A really addicting bomb defusing game...see how many you can defuse.

BubbleWrap - See how fast you can popbubble wrap out of all your friends.

CameraBag - Fisheye filter is the coolest. It basically gives your photos a filter..

PanoLab - A Panorama creater. Create multiple shots into a Panorama.

CrashKart - Crash Bandicoot Racing..its similar to Diddy Kong Racing..pretty fun.

Cube Running - A fun game where you are on a single level moving foward trying not to hit cubes

Trace - A fun drawing adventure game. Draw your self to the finish line, watch out for obsticles.

iCoptor - Fun ass helicoptor game where you have to ascend or decend the helicopter by tapping on the screen..watch out for the walls

Zippo - Fun interactive Zippo Lighter..if only it were real

Shazam - It can tell you what song you are listening too

Rimshot - Good for those awkward turtle moments..makes cricket noises..rimshot..and trombone noises.


Lightsaber - More 1337...

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I forgot about an app that I use everyday but since it runs in the background I forget about it.

It's called Backgrounder. It allows you to get around Apple forcing apps to close when you switch back to your dashboard. So extremely useful.

Doesn't it slow down the iPhone system? I'm curious.

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