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FS handmade long, loose knitting scarves

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after a few of you asked, finally tried with 100% cashmere, here's what it looks like for a slouchy beanie



So it will be possible to have pieces made in cashmere.


- a really few nice colors are available. for example, i couldn't even get charcoal...

- since the price of the material is way over regular materials, the prices are also different

*slouchy beanie: 85$ + shipping.

*destroyed beanie: 105$ + shipping.

for mor infos PM me

alpaca/ peruvian wool slouchy beanie


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new beanie, "l'eau" beanie.




i still have to work a little on the lining.

basically it's two beanies one on top of the other.

the heather grey one here is 100% wool and thiner (i still have to work on that lining part, i'm not totally satisfied of the result). and the black part is 100%$ lamb wool. the fit is tight enough on the head, but not too much, and long and slouchy at the end.

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The hood is about 12" / 12" so oversized

The scarf part on one side is 27" long and going from 5" to 1" and on the other side it's 62" long and 9" all the way

i'll get better pictures with the whole piece really soon :o

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