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FS handmade long, loose knitting scarves

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Finally, the first pair:




I used the same yarn as in the pics above, so the composition is:

40% silk

30% lamb's wool

20% cashmere

10% nylon

The fingerless glove is 6,5 " long, at its largest, the opening is 7" and at its smallest, 6" (16 cm - 18 cm - 15cm)

This pair would be 80$ due to the price of the material used.

The starting price is 70$ and will vary on the material chosen, or special requests that can take longer to make.

To order/ I need

-the circumference of your wrist

-the measurement of the the palm of your hand (all around)

-the length of your thumb, between that part and your wrist


-the material desired (if there's any)

-color/ colors (you can chose to have it in only one color, or more)

*** it's possible to have the glove shorter, or longer

*** you can also ask for a different pattern

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Wow. This is some nice stuff, suz. I'm gonna have to hit you up if i go on vacation up north this winter.

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hi, im interested in the beanie white/brown and the fingerless gloves alpaca/wool, how much both inc shipping?


it's actually, black and white. pm sent!

In like two weeks I'm ordering a pair of those gloves quick fast.

i'll be there :o

new custom order... the colors look a bit solid because of the flash. I'd say that the grey is darker. I'll try to take something better with daylight.




The scarf is about 2meters long.

The narrowest part is approx. 9cm and the largest, a bit over 25cm. The knitting is really uneven, "mistakes", dropped stitches, strings hanging.

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