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That perfect fit


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With all the fit questions always popping up and quite a few sentences about how we are going towards an upsized fit i was wondering: what is your perfect fit?

I got 2 fits that i would love to be able to copy over on myself:

Jooles in his 811 bears model:



And this guy from my newly aquired Lightning (indigo master):


I'm sorry for the bad pic there. my scanner isn't really up to date. For all you who has the magazine just hit p. 21

Now show me yours!

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the FH3005 in the lightning indigo master issue on the pages dedicated to FH (don't have my mag here, so can't say what number the page is)

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These are the perfect fit.

x posted from the sammy thread.

Samurai 710 size 29.

Inseam still has another inch to shrink.

Not completely stretched out yet.

Two inches taken off.

I'm 145 pounds. (none is fat.).

31" waist.

5' 9" or 10". not sure.



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For me it's the LVC '47. Higher rise, no hip flare but still plenty of room in the thighs, and a slight taper below the knee.

I wish I could find a Japanese repro with the LVC '47 cut, but everything either has hip flare or is straight from the knee down. I've heard that the FOB 151 (or maybe 161) comes close: I'll have to try it some day...

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I need to take pictures one of these days. I got the most comments/compliments on the way my size34 Nudie Slim Jims fit me. But I really like the SExFH. I am difficult because I am 6'4" and a big guy, but not fat. I run and lift weights and my thighs do not fit in any japanese jeans that are my proper waist size. Probably why the Nudies work for me so well. Kiya has told me that I need 36 in all Japanese jeans. =(

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So go for the 36's man...

My ass/thighs are big from the same. I'm not shy to size up. I like the sloppiness of the waist being too big, bunched up in my belt. My contest warehouses are 34 (waist is like 36?) and I'm a 33 waist. No biggie. My jeans all stretch to about 35 from wear anyway, so whatever.

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^^cheap monday rises are not too low 9 inches or something.

and to prevent mooseknuckles I just sag a little anyways

Personally am in love with the Somet 008 fit

I almost want to buy another pair just for the hell of it.

I like the low rise, and it's slim but not too slim.

Stacking is very abundant as well, because I am really short

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