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edison chen pulls a "one night in paris"


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i don't even know who these girls are, but apparently there are tons of photos and videos of some major HK popstars with edison chen floating around the web.

the HK mafia is offering 90k dollars to someone who chops one of edison chen's hands off ahahah.


i am highly surprised that this guy is not a homo:


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I might be stupid, but how is this related to anything going on???


from what i read, HK mafia invests a lof of their money in HK pop scene where the girls are marketed as innocent, virgin etc etc and this is a big blow to their image.

ahahah, i love this, hopefully edison will stop blogging due to only being able to use one hand.

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Please elaborate...

I've lived in Japan before.

When I first got there I was painfully unaware of the amusing clothing and undergarment co-ordination that asian women participate in to conceal their true body type.

The first time I stripped down a lovely curvacious lady only to find that her body below the waist looked like a birds nest suspended between two tentpoles, well, it wasn't positive experience.

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dude was supposed to marry the neice of a triad boss

niggas gon' get raped

she rejected the marriage proposal

some of her pics was released as well... she was 16 @ that time... Child Pornography!!!!

theres like 457 pics or so.... i got here on my boss' comp lol

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Guest doubletap

i'm not impressed, those chicks are kinda busted.

...and whats with the apologies? if you're scared of the mafia, pay them off and stfu!

but don't apologise for getting ur dick wet. i'm just sayin...

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