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edison chen pulls a "one night in paris"


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When you do something dumb as all fucking hell you apologize, don't matter what it be.


White people know that their ancestors did some messed up things. As a result, it has become hard wired for them to apologize for almost anything.

In fact, white people are so used to apologizing that they start all sentences that might cause disagreement with “I’m sorry.” For example “I’m sorry, but Garden State was a better film than Hard Eight.”

maybe edison chen wants to be white?

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Guest doubletap

paying them off would def. be ur best bet, if that don't work then ur fucked.

but everybody's got a price & boy is rich and he got a name to him.

i'm sure he'll be just fine.

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I've lived in Japan before.

When I first got there I was painfully unaware of the amusing clothing and undergarment co-ordination that asian women participate in to conceal their true body type.

The first time I stripped down a lovely curvacious lady only to find that her body below the waist looked like a birds nest suspended between two tentpoles, well, it wasn't positive experience.

Wait so what exactly do they do to hide this?

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The Japanese could teach undergarment makers in elizabethian england a thing or two.


i think this is women's undergarments in general

I've been fooled a few times into making mountains out of mole hills by push up bras

and i'm sure as girls get older or if they are flabby, they can use all the corsets/pantie hose and all that crap to keep things looking tighter than they are.........:mad:

even normal high heels change a womens body shape alot.

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he speaks engrish well, is his engrish better than his cantonese?

and that news thing on the top left side of the screen makes it look like a video game.......crazy asians

new conference would have been alot better if ninjas came down from the ceiling throwing stars and the gangs from "big trouble in little china" showed up

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I don't follow his bio but someone said he's from canada?

"Chen was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was a student at R.C. Palmer Secondary School in Richmond, British Columbia and also attended High School in Hong Kong International School."

and i thought he was just naturally brilliant at removing his accent.

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