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haruki murakami wrote about a cdg factory in his essay collection (1987)

日出る国の工場 (factories of land of rising sun?)

i dont usually like him but it is a good read

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Dashwood books in NY should have one or both of the MMM books

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willy gimme your veronique A magazine.

or someone find it for me.

you can actually order back issues from bruil & van de staaij here. i got my back issue of véronique from them. that was also where i ordered the issue of fantastic man with helmut lang and a big cock on it.

they are both ok but i think the 20th anniversary book is a better buy unless you are into big full blown pages of pictures with little/some text interspersed in the book. if you can, get the issue of street magazine that was devoted to the maison for a good look into the past.

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ID and Fantastic Man which is better?

both are alright

i enjoy the articles in fantastic man more

reading this book now...

well written and very entertaining. good background info on the big fashion houses, the industry, etc.


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