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STUDIO D'ARTISAN more than 10yesrs limited edtion.


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STUDIO DARTISAN SD-001XX is more than 10 years old limited edition.

Only limit 300 pairs.

It use STUDIO DARTISAN special natural-indigo to dye , had hand-dyed fifty times.

That is the best of STUDIO DARTISAN natural-indigo.

Also, the leather patch use house hair.

Below photo have new one (unwash) and weared about 3 months of the jeans.

Hope everybody enjoy it. (not for sale , only want to share) :)










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does the 00X mean it's left hand twill natural indigo?

wow that horse hair patch means business

Actually, the jeans should be left hand twill denime. :)

Always , STUDIO DARTISAN jean will use 00 on the model number star to express it is left hand twill deinm , like SD-001 and SD-003.

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Those look awesome. I need a time machine.

The second pair were worn for 3 months? They must be indestructible then.

On the secord photo, you will see the short length one had weared about 3months.

You can see the jeans only have pleat on the knee, don' t have any indigo color to shed.

So , Natural-indigo need a long-time to wear, than the jeans will change beautiful color.

Also, Natural-indigo jeans the wear result color will different than compound-indigo jeans. :)

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wow GO! Natural Indigo...very nice color...unfortunately they are not up for sale :(

Nice pics...


STUDIO DARTISAN jeans still issue Natural-indigo hand-dyed fifty times jeans.

Just like the STUDIO DARTISAN XXX-28, it also use Natural-indigo to hand-dyed fifty times.






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