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Best Feelings, Ever

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getting free stuff or discounted, without asking..like when I go to the movies and they give me the kids price ticket, or when I'm at a restaurant and I kinda know the manager/owner and they comp my meal, or this cupcake place (I swear I don't even spend much $$ there) and they give me free cupcakes, or the candy store that sometimes comp my candy..sometimes because she never lets me pay and I feel bad so I insist and sometimes I get my way..

being able to make a difference or positive impact in someone's life, even if it's just a small one

when folks email my boss telling me how much they appreciate my service, cos I never asked them to, one even was nice enough to say he was thinking of leaving but decided to stay because of me..and I've never really helped him irl--once was when he came in to get an old company restarted and another time was because of some paperwork that he and his wife needed notarized, other then that, everything has been done over email and phone

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the perfect poop.


when you shit and that first wipe of your butthole contains no poop residue.

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eating a lot of good fattening food and still being able to fit into ur clothes nicely a few weeks later

wearing a pair of skinny jeans after weeks of skirts and dress and I didn't even have to suck up to zip up

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