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If you're in the East End go to the 24 hour bagel places on Brick Lane.

In a city that shuts down dead at 3am they're still pumping out bagels by the dozen. Plus the area's super trendy lately with the Rough Trade Records store and clubs like 93 feet east so it's cool after party nosh.

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The Library has a weak collection of CCP, only a few women's t-shirts from 3 or 4 years ago that they bring out for the sales. Avoid. If you wanna see some CCP go to l'eclaireur on rue Herold in Paris.

thats because they threw almost all left over stock on sale ages ago and sold it all. L'eclaireur has never put Poell on sale, which is why there is a decent stock of older seasons stuff left.

The Library hasn't received their 09 shipment yet, but will probably in the near future. L'eclaireur got theirs, but its quite limited (two unwearable trousers, one shirt, one jacket, one pair of boots).

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Anybody know of any decent opticians in London?

Assuming you don't need your eyes tested and you already have your prescription, the following are all worth checking out:

Cutler & Gross, in Knightsbridge Green

Opera Opera, on the corner of Long Acre and Endell St

Meyrowitz, in the Royal Arcade (Bond St)

All three sell their own frames, as opposed to the usual suspects available elsewhere (although Opera Opera has a wide selection of other brands' too). The latter two sell beautiful hand-made stuff (among others), while Opera Opera also has all kinds of vintage stuff to check out. Cutler & Gross you probably already know. The latter two are also worth visiting if you're into the 'this is our take on the chunky/nerdy black glasses' thing. Opera Opera also stock vintage Raybans with the Bausch & Lomb lenses; they also have some vintage deadstock lenses for Raybans, I believe. That's what the owner told me, anyway.

If you need to get your eyes tested, go to a branch of Boots.

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Anybody know any good late night places that aren't asian in or around Soho?

I haven't been here but Bob Bob Ricard serves food and drinks 'til 1am and there's a (private? tip the maitre d') bar downstairs open til 3am, apparently,


Also Princi serves food till midnight and it's a chilled, VERY well designed restaurant/cafe/bar


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looking for some BoO and Gitman stockists?


Dover Street Market stocks both. Well, theoretically it does; they had a fair few of both at the beginning of the season, but last time I was there most had been sold.

Garbstore has Gitman. It's also the only UK stockist (to my knowledge) of Fil Melange, and Mountain Research, if those are your thing.

Expect to drop your pants for UK prices for both.

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hampton court palace. catch a boat from richmond and imagine you're in "a man for all seasons...."

and go and watch fulham or qpr- to understand that football is about patience and suffering, interspersed with a few moments of joy ie nothing to do with the world of mr beckham.

go to dub vendor for some tunes,

then get sample london pride, landlord or bombadier- have at least 3 pints to fully appreciate.

then get a curry,

i know that's more than two....

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