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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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I know most of you guys hate Nudie. But anway here`s my Nudie Grim Tim Organic Dirt Dry worn for like 4 months.

Excuse the bad photos. I am not a pro photographer, really. The crotch blew out after like 3 months, so I did some shitty repairwork. Looks like crap but the jeans are at least wearable again... These were my first proper dry jeans. Anway here they come.






did you remove the back pocket stitching?

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superhero: how do you like those corpus?

Yeah I quite like them.

About the denim: Not that thick/heavy, but that's okay for the Sydney Climate all year round. Really hard to fade though, didn't see any noticeable fading until like 6 months with about 5 days a week worth of moderate wear. The denim is quite durable and the threads used just cannot be broken!

The fit is quite good for me as I am quite tall and slender it makes me look less lanky. Despite this, they did stretch a fair amount in the waist, like 1.5inches and bit looser overall.

When summer here in sydney is over I'm gonna look to buy another pair of blue jeans... Any suggestions?

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Thanks for all the rep and feedback on the Masa. First wash was after about 5 months, had to soak them once because my tailor is a stern old lady and I was afraid of her scolding me for bringing her stinky jeans in need of a crotch repair, and I washed them once more at about 1 year. I'm wearing a pair of s710bk now, for almost 2 months. If there's anything to see on them other than the hidden arcs I'll post a 2 month update.

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You havent found the right fit? Nudie is one of the brands with most options fitwise!

But I think most people dis nudie because it is overpopular and not original enough anymore.

I think most people dis nudie because they look stupid. I know thats the reason I dont like them. that and they're overpriced.

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theyre overpriced as compared to other overall 'better' denim, but they do produce results when worn hard. saying that, most denim will produce at least somewhat impressive fades if worn and washed like the avg. sufu head. i think erixon's greatest achievement(even more important than fortune) is that she is the reason a lot of people(even those who have moved on to 'better' labels) got into denim(esp. raw denim) in the first place. my hats off to that. btw, nice jeans haga.

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Cross post from Warehouse contest thread.

Around 9 months of solid wear, with 3 washes in the machine. Pretty happy with how they came out!

These are indoor pics, tried to get a good representation of color, but I really need to do some outdoor sun-light shots too. Let me know what you think!







Couple more coming in just a second...

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what's in ur left pocket ?

cell phone and business card holder. I like how the fade comes out! Hate cell fades in the front pocket, but the card carrier and phone are the same size so it works out perfect

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SC1947 W36 (true to size, maybe even a big big) bought raw. They've had a lot of washes - 3 or 4 machine and probably 4-5 soaks. I'd guess somewhere around 4 months of wear over the past year. I have an office job, so they're only worn every other Friday - Sunday and nights (they'be been in rotation with some S5000VXs that I got in March). I've had to restitch the crotch twice, patch once, 5th pocket once, and various other edge stitching a couple of times. Color is pretty darn close to real-life (I love the blue they're at right now), same goes for contrast. Interestingly enough, I love how the right side is turning out on the front and the left side on the back. Don't mind the cat...




WITHOUT FLASH (under fluorescent lights in my basement)



patch has been LP'd twice, I think? It could use some more.




Sorry for the last couple being so blurry...

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I stopped wearing these in August or September or something, but I thought I'd contribute. Nudie Masa Made in Japan, my first pair of raw denim.

EDIT: re-post with different pics, the first ones mysteriously disappeared...




Wow, those are amazing.

Fuck the nudie hataZZZZZZ

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Nothing Crazy, but these are pictures of my first pair of jeans (lacoste). I got 'em 3 years ago and I'm 26, don't ask me why, but I used to HATE jeans. Anyway, these led me here because after a couple of years of wear I noticed very slight whiskers, but I washed 'em too much to achieve contrast, which i knew nothing about at the time.




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Here are my naked and famous @ ~9 months. 2 machine washes and 1 hot soak. Retired for now for a pair of APC NS..

Wore them everyday in the summer longboarding, which includes many falls and lots of ass/knee/leg sweat. Enjoy!

*pictures taken before soak*





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