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Very! Interesting find at Macys


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So I went to Macys cause I wanted to get an old school Adidas jumpsuit, and i'm walking by one of those clearance racks when this catches my eye. I never even knew non premium denim companies made dry denim, but I found this. Zoo York "Black Raw" retail price $52, on sale for $40. So I just bought them, I thought why the hell not, let's see what this is all about. There was only one, a 32, i'd prefer a 30 but whatever. I'm interested to see how a non premium pair of drys wears in and looks. Im sorry the pictures could be better : / If anyone has heard of Zoo York raws, do tell.







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Don't know muchabout the jeans other than they'll probably wear like any other raw denim if you put the time in. But i do know its a sad day in the skate world when ZOO relies on macy's to make ends meet.:(

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Pretty much what Cheep said.

Ecko product with Zoo label. Guess thats not saying much but I hate Ecko. But if youre happy with the fit and everything, break em in MANG!

Tons of skate companies and streetwear companies using selvedge denim nowadays.

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i saw zoo york at century 21 the other day.

this i would expect because they sell off there leftovers, but not direct to macy's... shit i remember when it was near impossible to get your hands on some of their stuff.

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Haha, I dunno. Perhaps it isnt, I just found it odd to find a decent fitting raw jean for cheap, especially at a store like Macys.

its just a generic basic striaght leg...you can get a basic pair of straight legs at Gap on sale for $10. sure its not raw...but if you're looking for nice fades, why evne bother with Zoo York jeans? im not hating on Zoo York since i don tknow diddly tits about ZOo York denim...but for $40?

waste of $40 in my opinion...but to each his own i guess.

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I think I remember seeing a pair of Volcom raw/selvage denim online about 4-5 months ago? Might still be around somwhere.

Would be interesting to see what these look like in 8months. keep us posted.

Of course.

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